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How to Get All Batman: Arkham Knight Retailer Exclusive DLC

If you got the Premium edition or Season Pass, you're good.


As with many big releases these days, Batman: Arkham Knight is available to preorder at several retailers, each offering their own exclusive preorder bonuses.

If you're a completionist, however, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment recently clarified that there's a way to get all this retailer-specific content in one big purchase.

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"Throughout the 6 months of additional Batman: Arkham Knight content, Premium and Season Pass owners will also receive the in-game content that is offered through various retail pre-order incentives," Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment community admin Yorick said on the game's official forums. "This includes the Harley Quinn and Red Hood Story Packs, and the Prototype Batmobile. For those who did not receive the content with their game, these items will become available when their respective exclusivity windows expire in August/September."

In short, Premium Edition and Season Pass owners will receive all retail exclusive DLC after their respective early access periods expire.

In case you missed the news during E3 2015, developer Rocksteady recently announced that the the $200 Batmobile edition of the game has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances that greatly compromised the quality of the product, presumably the transforming Batmobile statue.

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