How to Get a NES Classic This Week (Maybe)

One more shot before Christmas.

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With just days to go before Christmas, people in the market for a NES Classic Edition console are running out of time if they want it in time for the holiday.

The system remains sold out basically everywhere, but GameStop shoppers have a chance at getting the hard-to-find system today and tomorrow. The retailer has announced that it will have a limited number of units in stock until Thursday, December 22, in-store only.

"GameStop has again received another limited shipment of Nintendo NES Classics today through Thursday," the store said in a statement to Polygon. "Only available in store, not online. GameStop recommends that customers call their local stores to determine local quantities."

Go to GameStop's website to find a store near you.

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The $60 NES Classic Edition system launched in November and quickly sold out. Nintendo says retailers are getting new shipments all the time, but the system remains sold out almost everywhere. More than 196,000 units were sold in the US in November, according to the NPD Group.

It comes with 30 games, including some of the console's best ones such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and Pac-Man.

For more on what to expect on the Classic Edition--whenever you might be able to get your hands on one--read our full review.

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Avatar image for lithus

The sad thing is...the original NES was $89.00 USD. Now suckers are paying nearly three times that again.

Avatar image for mnkpro1

Free advertisement for gamestop where you have to go to the store. Sorry we don't have any, but we have this you can buy.

Avatar image for biggsdeli

Honestly though,

I don't know how people even want this rubbish. The games look soooooo boring. Games you play a few times you're like cool or you're like sweet just like the good ol days.

To any weenies out there that bought this thanks for helping out the bums when you toss it in the trash sooner rather then later and thanks for adding more waste into the world.

I had a time like this where I copped an N64 and got super smash bros and all that. But I grew out of it as the machine grew dust and I ended up giving it away. But super smash bros at least had substance, it had pizzazz you could kick the ass of your friends or race them in MARIO kart.

This piece of shit you do nothing you press a button and it shoots some thing all the games look the same and act the same. This shit should've been given for free to everyone who bought the shitty Wii U, and/or to anyone who gives their money for the Switch since they have a history of failing Nintendo nerds.


Avatar image for gamer20482

Going for a 59 buck console that scalpers camp out for and the likelihood of me getting one after them is not worth it to me

Avatar image for troll_elite

Pretty sad this is the only product Nintendo can sell

Avatar image for cornbredx

Well, I work for a living so this limited stock BS is not an option.

They need to put this out for real already. This is absurd.

Avatar image for e3man01




Avatar image for pork7

I would say nintendo knows what they're doing with these false shortages, but I'm starting to wonder. This isn't the late 1980s anymore, and people have ''choices''.

If nintendo tries false shortages with the Switch, it will fail just like the wii U. The ONLY people benefitting from these false shortages are the ebay scalpers.

Avatar image for heqteur

@pork7: I'd suggest you go read the official statement Nintendo made about Switch's stock on release. They answered that question a while ago.

Avatar image for redalert539

Ok, what the hell is going on with this anyway? All the articles i see on the net right now are like: "Get NES Classic next week(maybe)", "Get your hands on NES Classic next monday(probably)", NES Classic will be available next month in a couple of stores across the ocean(if God allows it)", NES Classic sighted on Yeti's hands in mount Everest(if you're a good climber, a good monster hunter AND lucky you might get it!).

Seriously, it's a freakin new product. Nintendo need to put their s^*t together and end this madness already.

"End of rant"

Have a nice day:)

Avatar image for heqteur

@redalert539: The NES classic is mroe of a re-edition of a very old product than an actual new product. Even the new feature they added (like the real time save state aka "emulator saving") are not even new and have been part of emulation/old school gaming for a very long while. With the amount of people who cried they would keep playing their emulators rather than paying for the NES classic, there was no way any analyst could say it would sell so fast.

Avatar image for lateralus85

@heqteur:True, Nintendo looking at Wii U sales probably made them believe they wouldnt sell that many Nes classics.