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How To Get A Free Lego-Themed Skin In Fortnite Chapter 5

Fortnite's collaboration with Lego is kicking off with an awesome freebie.


With Saturday's The Big Bang event, Epic and Lego finally revealed the long-rumored Lego Fortnite, a free new open-world survival crafting game inside Fortnite. But even if you don't care about Legos, or if that mode doesn't sound enticing, you can still benefit from it: Anyone who links a free Lego Insider account (make one here) with their Epic account will get a free Lego-themed skin for Battle Royale.

Both versions of the free Explorer Emlie skin
Both versions of the free Explorer Emlie skin

This skin, Explorer Emilie, includes both a regular skin that you can use in battle royale or any of the other Creative modes that already existed, as well as a Lego version for Lego Fortnite. So even brand-new players can quickly earn a skin without paying a dime. That makes two free Fortnite skins currently available, alongside the Runway Racer outfit that you can earn by gaining 50 account levels before the end of the year.

The Explorer Emilie skin is not yet available, but will show up when Lego Fortnite goes live in a few days on December 7. But you can go ahead and take the steps needed to get her right now, and she'll appear in your locker as soon as she's available. Explorer Emilie is one of many Fortnite skins to have both a standard and a Lego version--more than 1200 existing skins will translate to Lego Fortnite like that.

Fortnite is expanding in a big way in Chapter 5, and Lego Fortnite is just one part of that. On top of the usual battle royale and user-made Creative modes, Chapter 5 is also introducing Rocket Racing, an arcade-style racing game from Psyonix, the creators of Rocket League, and Fortnite Festival, a rhythm game from Guitar Hero and Rock Band creators Harmonix.

But battle royale is still the main attraction for now, and it's leading the way into Chapter 5 with a brand-new island that features a first for Fortnite: A running train that you can ride around the map. The battle pass for season 1 is a doozie as well, with collaborations with Family Guy and Metal Gear Solid highlighting a pretty stacked lineup of skins.

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