How To Forage For Food In Project Zomboid

Foraging can provide players with crafting equipment for early gear or even food if you're desperate enough.


In the early days of Project Zomboid, you'll be doing a lot of scrounging around for resources. But there's a much prettier way to put it: foraging. Foraging is an activity all its own in Project Zomboid, a skill players can improve as they practice it. And for anyone who has bad luck finding good gear and equipment, foraging can be a life-saver. Here's how to forage in Project Zomboid.

The search begins

Foraging in Project Zomboid is pretty simple, provided you aren't interrupted by any of the undead. Simply click the magnifying glass on the left side of the screen and a window labeled "Investigate Area" will open up. For foraging, this screen is essential, as it displays the environment you're foraging in.

Once a question mark appears on the ground you've successfully foraged for something.
Once a question mark appears on the ground you've successfully foraged for something.

To start foraging, simply click the "Enable Search Mode" button on the bottom of the investigate area window. Search mode drastically reduces how far you can see, since you're effectively searching the ground for materials. Once in search mode, all you have to do is start walking around and an eye will pop up over your character's head. That symbol means they've found something, so stand in place until the eye is solid and an arrow pointing towards the ground appears. Congratulations, you've just foraged for an item.

Sticks and stones can break zombie bones

As for why you should forage, the answer is pretty simple. Foraging, especially in forests or plains full of vegetation, can net you twigs, sticks, and chipped stones. Combined with some twine or rags, these easily-gathered supplies can be used to craft basic tools, like a stone knife or axe. These tools don't have much durability, but they can be used for basic crafting or fighting off zombies in a pinch. If you're looking to arm yourself with something a bit more dangerous, we have a guide for quickly finding guns in Project Zomboid.

Simple stone tools don't last long but can be used as weapons in a pinch.
Simple stone tools don't last long but can be used as weapons in a pinch.

Likewise, foraging can net you food, although your character may not like it. Crickets and cockroaches can be found crawling along the ground, and while they're certainly unpleasant to eat they're much better than sleeping on an empty stomach. You can also cook any insects you find on a fire source, like a campfire, or in an oven. Just don't let them burn, there's nothing worse than eating a burnt roach.

Foraging is a useful skill in Project Zomboid's early game but isn't necessary to see the sun rise tomorrow. If you're just getting into the game we have a guide on how to survive your first day in Kentucky.

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