How To Find Horizon Forbidden West Cradle Of Echoes Code

This tricky code during the mission Cradle of Echoes might stump you in Horizon Forbidden West.


In Horizon Forbidden West, one of the main story missions will take you to an ancient facility with mysterious origins. Seeking an unknown "asset," Aloy will need to hail a machine from a device using a console code, but this code is hard to figure out because the game really gives it to you in less than clear language. Here's what you need to know about the Horizon Cradle of Echoes code.

Where is the Cradle of Echoes code in Horizon Forbidden West?

Luckily, the code is the same for all players, and the reason for that is story-related. When Aloy goes to hail the pod featuring an "asset" inside of it, she's not told explicitly which one the asset is in. This is tricky because there are 236 pods to choose from.

But that's also a hint. There are 236 pods documented as being in the facility, so what you need to do is hail the one extra unaccounted for using code 237. A clue to this can be found in the facility, but even then it's written in such enigmatic language that it can be tough to know what it means. Thankfully, the code works even if you don't happen to understand why.

Aloy's asset can be retrieved using code 237.
Aloy's asset can be retrieved using code 237.

Another curious detail to this code is that it might be a reference to The Shining, as room 237 is the famous hotel room number from the classic novel and movie, but I digress. For Horizon, all you need to know is that Aloy can acquire her "asset" by using code 237 when prompted. Then prepare for battle, because the next part will test your mettle. We also have a full view of how long to beat Horizon Forbidden West.

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