How To Easily Farm Platinum Medallions In Destiny 2's Guardian Games 2023

Platinum medallions provide you the most progress toward completing your Guardian Games objectives, and you can nab one in 10 minutes or less.


There are a number of elements to the new 2023 edition of the Guardian Games event in Destiny 2, but it largely centers around accumulating medallions and then cashing those in to help your class compete with the other two. Platinum medallions in particular offer the most progress and will also help you to progress a number of event challenges that allow you to earn various rewards. Fortunately, there's an easy way to quickly farm platinum medallions, provided you don't mind a bit of a mindless, loot cave-esque loop.

The central means of obtaining platinum medallions is by purchasing any of the Platinum Cards from Eva at the Tower. There are six of these in total and they can be repeatedly indefinitely, provided you can afford the modest cost of 1,500 Glimmer. (You also can't hold more than one for PvE and one for PvP/Gambit at a time.) But whereas some of these involve taking on a more time-intensive task, like completing a raid, the Platinum Cards - Neptune option provides a quicker route, provided you game the system a bit.

At least for this first week of the event, purchasing this Card will get you the Platinum Protector bounty. This asks you to defeat enemies on Neptune in one of several specific activities, with bonuses for Void and Strand final blows:

  • Partitions
  • Higher-difficulty Lost Sectors
  • Guardian Games: Competitive playlist activities
  • Lightfall campaign missions on Legendary difficulty

It's that last one that provides the opportunity here, as pointed out by Reddit user coupl4nd. Provided you've made your way through the Lightfall campaign and reached the Breakneck mission, you can freely load into that from the Neomuna section of the Director. Make your way through the opening minutes of the mission until you reach the first rally flag location, immediately on the other side of the destructible door. (You can save yourself some time by skipping the early cyclops and goblins, though once you get inside the building, you will need to kill some enemies in order to lower the barricades blocking your progress).

The room ahead will be filled with a ton of enemies whom you can take down with your Strand Super and abilities, which will have been refilled by the rally flag (remember, these don't consume raid banners in your inventory). Simply clear the room until you die or you encounter the wyvern mini-boss, at which point you should intentionally die. That will allow you to respawn and restart the encounter, complete with a fresh rally flag. Repeat the process until you complete the bounty and earn your platinum medallion. To maximize the number of enemies you can kill with your Super, run all the way through the area, which will cause a ton of goblins to spawn. You can then activate your Super and carve them up without having to waste time waiting for each individual group to spawn one by one.

If you're interested in repeatedly farming platinums, make sure not to kill the wyvern. Even if you go back to the Tower to bank your medallion and pick up another Card from Eva, you'll retain a checkpoint for the mission. This won't put you directly at the rally banner, but it'll still save you the effort of restarting the mission entirely.

This should all take no more than 10 minutes, including the initial portion of the mission you have to advance through to reach this encounter. Cash in your bounty and then head back to the Tower to pick up another Platinum Card from Eva. You can repeat this as much as you wish--it's not a bad idea to pick up some other bounties, both from Eva and others, since the abundance of easy-to-kill enemies in this mission makes these quick and easy to complete. But for the purposes of obtaining a platinum medallion, make sure you're killing as many enemies as possible with your Void or Strand abilities.

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