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How To Earn Credits In Forza Horizon 5: Best Ways To Earn Money Fast

It's not just all XP and Accolades. You'll want to earn credits in Forza too.


In Forza Horizon 5, you'll need to earn credits in order to collect cars, Player Houses, and more in the game's massive open world. Unlike XP or Accolades, money can sometimes be harder to obtain--so realistic, right?--so we've built this guide to help you understand the fastest ways to earn money in Forza Horizon 5. Here's what to do if you need more Forza credits.

Redeem Your Wheelspins

Wheelspins are randomized, but their credit rewards often deposit a pretty penny.
Wheelspins are randomized, but their credit rewards often deposit a pretty penny.

Every time you level up your character, you'll earn one Wheelspin, which you can either perform right away when the prompt tells you it's been earned, or you can redeem later in the Wheelspins section of the pause menu. A Wheelspin gives you a randomized gift and it'll always be either a new car, some clothing for your character, emotes, or more credits.

The total credits you can earn range from a few thousand per spin to hundreds of thousands, so while there's a bit of luck involved, Wheelspins come routinely enough that even if only some of your spins are landing on the gifts that give you credits, you should find this is a reliable way to increased the width of your e-wallet.

Also remember that if you invest in the Hotel Castillo Player House north of Guanajuato on the map, you'll earn one additional Wheelspin every day. Hotel Castillo is the most expensive Player House in the game, priced at five million credits, but consider it an investment. Over time, you'll earn that back tenfold through the extra Wheelspins.

Flip Cars In The Auction House

From rags to riches: the auction house story.
From rags to riches: the auction house story.

Forza Horizon 5 returns the game's auction house, which allows players to place live bids on other players' auctioned vehicles. A great way to earn money is to take cars you've earned through things like Wheelspins and sell them in the auction house. While it's not likely players will bid on cars you've won in the main story--they'll probably have them too, after all--cars that you've won randomly are great auction items as they may be harder to obtain.

In the auction house, you can set a starting bid and an end date, then watch as, hopefully, the bids come pouring in. When the auction closes, your earned credits will be deposited into your message center, so claim them there and watch your balance grow.

Spend Your Car Mastery Points

There are free credits to be claimed in the car mastery skill trees.
There are free credits to be claimed in the car mastery skill trees.

Every time you level up a car, which is separate from leveling up your character, you'll earn one car mastery skill point that you can spend in the car mastery pause menu. Each car has its own skill tree to unlock, and eventually, skills will get pretty pricey, requiring 10 or even 25 skill points to unlock the final few. But in most of these skill trees, you'll see options to immediately unlock bonus credits of pretty generous value.

Make sure that you're spending these skill points as you unlock them. Like a lot of Forza's rewards, there's a lovely compounding effect where unlocking new skills makes unlocking skill points faster and faster as the game goes on, so even if you're not claiming the credit bonuses (or you already have), anything you're doing on that screen will likely lead to making your Forza Horizon 5 experience more lucrative overall.

Complete Races

When in doubt, just race.
When in doubt, just race.

It sounds simple, but given how busy the map is, you might lose sight of the fact that simply performing and winning races gives you a cash payout every time. You'll earn more the higher you finish, so winning should remain the goal, but even just checking them off your list will get you some money to spend.

If you want to make even more money from races, consider raising the difficulty. You may win less often--or not if you're really good at Forza--but the payouts and XP will increase with the tougher races no matter where you finish. On top of that, completing seasonal races will earn even more credits and are essentially bonus content. If ever you're short on time, prioritize the seasonal championships because once they're gone, you can always go back to the races that are permanently part of Horizon's virtual Mexico.

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