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How To Download Cyberpunk 2077's PS5 Upgrade And Transfer Your Save

Playing Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation 5 requires an entirely new game to be downloaded, rather than updating your existing version.


Cyberpunk 2077's new PS5-enhanced version is out now, but if you are moving over from the PS4 version, it's not as simple as just starting the game up on PS5 if you want your older save data. As we've seen with some other cross-gen games, you need to take one more step to ensure you're downloading and playing the native PS5 version with your existing save file.

Assuming you already own a digital copy of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4, you'll start by navigating to the game on your PS5. From there, select the three dots or click on the free PS5 upgrade box on the right side. You'll then be taken to the PlayStation Store to "purchase" the PS5 version, though you won't be charged for it. (There's also a free trial of the new PS5 version available that you can download until March 15.) With the purchase complete, you can specifically choose to download the PS5 version.

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In terms of transferring your save, the process varies depending on whether you've previously played the PS4 version on your PS5. If you were playing on a PS4, it seems you'll need to update that version of the game, which will then allow you to upload a save file to the cloud that can be imported on PS5. This doesn't require PlayStation Plus, as typical cloud save functionality does, but only a single save can be moved in this way; if you have different files at different points in the game, you won't be able to move them all in one go. Fortunately, if you've played the backwards compatible PS4 version on PS5 previously, you can just download the new PS5 version, and your saves will all be present automatically without doing anything.

While this entire process is more onerous than on Xbox, where Smart Delivery makes things much more seamless, things have been slightly improved since PS5's launch, when it was difficult to tell whether you were playing the PS4 or PS5 version of a game.

The full PS5 version weighs in at 56GB. In addition to all of the improvements being made in the 1.5 patch and corresponding current-gen update (like faster loading times and improved visuals), the PS5 version includes DualSense functionality. Haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support are both available. Due to this technically being a different version of the game, any unlocked Trophies don't transfer to this version, even when importing a save.

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