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How To Complete The Wellspring Activity In Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

The Wellspring activity makes you a protector of Light in Savathun's Throne World, but only after completing the campaign.


The Scorn are still a threat to Guardians in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen in the new six-player matchmade activity, Wellspring. In Savathun's queendom, the Scorn are after a source of Light inside a location called the Wellspring, and Guardians need to protect it. This leads the Lucent Hive to strengthen its defenses to protect the Wellspring, but Guardians need to maintain control against both enemies.

The Wellspring is actually home to two activities: Defend and Attack, which rotate daily. You'll find them in the Court of Thorns area of Savathun’s Throne World with a recommended Power level of 1510. You can access it after completing The Witch Queen campaign and additional objectives.

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An Exotic quest, called Of Queens and Worms, will direct you to speak to Mara Sov at the Enclave. After meeting with Mara, play through the Birthplace of the Vile strike and visit Fynch. Fynch will give you The Spring of Power quest to complete the Wellspring activity--Of Queens and Worms branches into another quest at this point.

There are four bosses: two Scorn Lightflayers for Defend and two Hive Wardens for Attack.

  • Vezuul, Lightflayer
  • Bor’gong, Warden of the Spring
  • Zeerik, Lightflayer
  • Golmag, Warden of the Spring

Wellspring weapons and crafting

The activity cycles through four Legendary weapons daily: Tarnation grenade launcher, Fel Taradiddle bow, Father’s Sins sniper rifle, and Come to Pass auto rifle. You have a chance of getting any of these weapons from the chest at the end of the activity.

Also, you should hold onto Wellspring weapons with Deepsight Resonance. Extracting the resources from these weapons also gives you the weapon Patterns for crafting. Keep in mind that you need to get more than one Pattern for Wellspring weapons. Players working on the Report: Relic-Data quest--a quest that leads to the Exotic Glaive--from the Evidence Board need to craft Tarnation and Come to Pass.

The Wellspring: Defend

Charging and defending the Wellspring
Charging and defending the Wellspring

First, you'll need to charge the Wellspring at the center until the number reaches 100. It’s kind of like those public events where Guardians need to stand on platforms to charge it up. It doesn’t hurt to move around the map a bit, but staying at the center is the best spot since there will be multiple waves of Scorn spawning everywhere. Melee weapons and medium-ranged weapons do well in this activity. Also, you can use rally banners before each encounter--there are three encounters total.

Destroy the Pyramid Spikes

Clearing the Cruxes and the Pyramid Spikes in the Wellspring activity
Clearing the Cruxes and the Pyramid Spikes in the Wellspring activity

After charging up the Wellspring, push forward and activate the next area. Here, you'll need to shoot the Pyramid Spikes to destroy the Cruxes and defeat Scorn. The Pyramid Spikes won't always show up immediately next to the Cruxes--shoot Scorn and wait till you can see the Spikes. Pyramid Spikes were introduced to players in the campaign--they are black and gold, floating crystal-like objects.

Five Cruxes are floating in the area, and each has multiple Spikes to destroy. The Scorn will spawn right in front and around the Cruxes--beware of the Scorn Walker at the center. Keep in mind that you need to destroy the Pyramid Spikes completely. Sometimes the Spikes are slightly visible and leave a faint golden glow--that means they didn't get fully destroyed. Shoot at them again if this happens.

Defeat the Lightflayer

Destroying the Pyramid Spikes to defeat a Lightflayer
Destroying the Pyramid Spikes to defeat a Lightflayer

Now it’s time for the boss fight. This area spawns Scorn enemies along with a Lightflayer boss. After dealing some damage, the Scorn boss will retreat onto the bridge below. There are three phases on the bridge where you'll need to defeat the Scorn and destroy the Pyramid Spikes to remove the Lightflayer’s shield and deal damage. The first Crux has two Spikes, the next has four Spikes, and the last Crux has six Spikes that need to get taken down.

The Wellspring: Attack

The Pyramid Splinter segment on Wellspring: Attack
The Pyramid Splinter segment on Wellspring: Attack

The objective here is to free the Resonant Splinter, which looks like a small pyramid ship with a half-sphere in the center. Players will have to escort this geometric exploding vehicle through the halls of the Court of Thorns safely while the Hive try to get in the way.

There’s a golden circle around the Splinter that signifies the area you need to stay in order to keep the device moving, and you can also stand on top of the Splinter to escort it. Purple spike traps--you may remember these traps from the Broodhold strike--will spawn along the path of the Splinter. The spike traps won’t kill anyone that easily, but it's okay to hop off the Splinter for a few seconds just in case. Green crystals spawn above the purple spike traps, so be sure to take them down.

Enemies run into the area occasionally, and it’s best if some players clear them out while others focus on delivering the Splinter to the room with locked runes and four shielded crystals. The Splinter will explode at the rune locks and open the door to the Wellspring.

Defeat the Warden of the Spring

Once you're inside, you'll find a shielded Warden of the Spring Hive boss who sits at the center of the spring; shoot the crystals next to it to begin the boss fight. The fight has multiple phases in which you need to work toward removing the shield in order to damage the boss.

A Patron of the Spring wizard in the Hive boss area
A Patron of the Spring wizard in the Hive boss area

There are three rooms in the spring area, one in the back and two on the sides, each with Patron of the Spring wizards inside them. These wizards are shielded and invincible; to break their defenses, stand on the plate in front of each wizard's room, and defeat the enemies that stream out. Once they're clear, the wizard's shield will drop, making it vulnerable. Each wizard drops Void charge orbs that need to be placed at the center of the Wellspring near the Hive boss.

Deposit the Void charge in the spring
Deposit the Void charge in the spring

Knock the Hive boss's health down by 25% on its health bar and you'll trigger another shield over the Hive boss. Now, defeat the Butcher of the Spring wizard that spawns on the platforms near the spring. Take the Void charge from the fallen wizard and place it at the center to start the second damage phase on Warden of the Spring.

You'll need to keep repeating this process in order to keep damaging the Hive boss. For the third damage phase, you'll need to defeat two Butcher Wizards, and the last damage phase will have three Butcher Wizards. Once they're all dead, you'll be able to take down the Warden of the Spring.

The Wellspring armor and ranks

You get Wellspring rewards from a chest at the end of the activity, which gives weapons and Veritas armor pieces that Bungie showed off in the Witch Queen trailers. However, you solely get variant armor rolls of items you have already unlocked through Fynch. For example, if a player only unlocked the leg armor in the Rank Rewards category, the Wellspring activity will give them another roll of that leg armor. Increasing the Throne World Rank will allow you to unlock items and head into Wellspring for desired rolls on their gear.

To play the Wellspring at higher difficulties, you need to reach Rank 18 with Fynch. Also, defeating all four bosses on Master difficulty gives you an Exotic ship called Star Jasmine.

Season of the Risen started along with The Witch Queen expansion and brings weekly challenges and a new PsiOps Battlegrounds activity.

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