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How To Change Frame Rate In Fortnite

Fortnite is highly customizable, and if your system can run it, frame rate options are numerous.


Fortnite menus are full of thoughtful customization options. From accessibility features to finely-tuned audio mixes to social settings and much more, Epic has gone to great lengths to make its massive platform suit players of all types. One thing many players want to do is adjust the frame rate in Fortnite, but that process can vary based on your platform. In this short guide, we'll show you how to change the frame rate, and what your options will be based on where you're playing Fortnite.

How to adjust frame rate in Fortnite

Once you open Fortnite, you'll want to head into the game's extensive settings menu. By default, the first submenu that you'll land in is going to be video options, and that's right where you'll want to be. Scroll down until you see Display, then look for Frame Rate Limit. Open that menu and adjust it to whichever setting you'd like, but remember that different platforms will allow for different settings. Next we'll break down what each platform can provide.

Fortnite frame rate settings

Naturally, Fortnite has the most substantial frame rate options on PC. There you'll find 11 total options from as low as 30 frames per second to as high as unlimited. The full range is listed as follows:

  • 30 frames per second
  • 60 frames per second
  • 120 frames per second
  • 144 frames per second
  • 160 frames per second
  • 165 frames per second
  • 180 frames per second
  • 200 frames per second
  • 240 frames per second
  • 360 frames per second
  • Unlimited
PC players have a wide range of Fortnite frame rate options.
PC players have a wide range of Fortnite frame rate options.

You'll want to match the frame rate with your monitor, and Epic stresses that higher frame rates may require you to disable V-Sync which you can do in the same video menu if you keep scrolling to Advanced Settings. V-Sync is meant to help prevent screen tearing, so your mileage may vary when testing out the many different frame rate options on Fortnite for PC.

On Xbox Series X and PS5, the options include 60 frames per second and 120 frames per second, though if you run it in 120 on those systems, you'll lose the 4K resolution. You can still hit 60 frames on Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, and PS4 Pro as well. Playing with base models of those last-gen platforms, meanwhile, is going to stick you with 60 frames per second no matter what, and without the option for 4K resolution, which is how it is on mobile too.

Switch's worst-in-class resolution makes it all look noticeably rough in comparison to any other platform. Fortunately for Nintendo players, even the Switch frame rate approaches 60 frames per second, though it doesn't tend to reach that consistently.

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