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How To Cancel A Steal In MLB The Show 22

Sometimes you'll think better of trying to steal a base, but knowing how to cancel that steal is key to saving your baserunner.


In MLB The Show 22, getting caught stealing can deflate an otherwise strong inning and take the momentum out of your offense, so it's important to know how to cancel a steal before your runner takes off, as well as how to retreat once they've left the base but may be caught in a pickle. Here's what you need to know about The Show's complex but fully featured baserunning controls as they pertain to attempting and canceling a stolen base.

How to steal

First, we'll walk you through how to steal, as the button combination to undo that is sort of its mirrored reflection on your controller. We'll be using the game's default baserunning controls for this guide.

To steal with all runners, press LT / L2 as the pitcher begins their delivery. That one is nice and simple. If you need to steal with a particular runner, point the left stick toward their base and press LT / L2. Stealing is all about timing, so don't do this until you're ready for them to go--that's why we say to wait until the pitcher's delivery has started. A bit of a lead off makes for a nice head start too, but lead off too far and you're likely to get picked off, so be careful with how far off the base you go. To lead off all runners, press LB / L1. Similarly, individual runners can lead off if you again use the left stick plus the lead off button, LB / L1.

How to cancel a base steal

Now that you know how to steal, here's how you change your mind, which will no doubt be crucial eventually even if you haven't encountered such an issue yet. Once you've elected to steal, you can't exactly recall the runner, but what you can do--if the pitcher hasn't started their delivery yet--is call for a timeout by pressing down on the D-pad. This will reset all baserunning directions such as lead offs and steals, giving you a chance to rethink your strategy.

Stealing a base can be exhilarating or demoralizing, and it all comes down to execution.
Stealing a base can be exhilarating or demoralizing, and it all comes down to execution.

If, however, it's too late to call time, your best bet is to hold down RB / R1 (to return all baserunners) or by signaling a particular baserunner like before using the left stick. What this will do is essentially revert your baserunner back to their original base in a hurry. While this likely helps you avoid getting caught in a pickle, it will also mean your baserunner isn't hustling toward the next base when your batter puts the ball in play--they'll be retreating when they should be advancing and those few seconds are costly. With that in mind, you may want to avoid swinging at a pitch if you're using the same pitch to recall your baserunner and cancel a steal.

It's a bit of a messy situation no matter how you approach it, so your best bet is to not decide to steal unless you're sure you've got the right situation for the right baserunner. Use the timeout option if it's not too late, and if it is too late, well, consider it the game's way of making you pay for your indecision. For more tips on MLB The Show 22, check out our guide on how to use Guess Pitch, as well as a walkthrough of the best hitting controls and pitching controls.

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