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How To Buy A Special-Edition Nintendo Switch Console Below Retail Price

Special-edition Nintendo Switch consoles often go for above retail price, but if you're okay with importing a region-free console, you can save some money.


Nintendo isn't big on discounting its games or hardware, and it's not unusual to see products listed at full price years after launch. That's often the case for Switch consoles, as you don't often see worthwhile price cuts unless it's a big shopping holiday. However, if you know where to look, it is possible to get meaningful discounts on Nintendo Switch consoles. Outside of buying from a friend or local seller, one of your best options is eBay, as there are huge distributors with bulk stock of new Nintendo hardware.

From the OLED Model and Lite to the original Nintendo Switch, here's a look at the best deals at eBay. Keep in mind that all of the console deals from eBay listed below are Japanese imports, but because the platform is region-free, outside of some text on the box, there isn't a tangible difference between these and the ones you'll find at your local GameStop. As long as that isn't a dealbreaker, you can get special-edition consoles that often sell for above retail price in North America for a nice discount.

And if you need some extra controllers to go with your new Switch, take a look at the (slightly) discounted Switch Pro Controller and Tears of the Kingdom-themed Pro Controller ($10 above list price).

Nintendo Switch OLED Console Deals

Nintendo Switch OLED
Nintendo Switch OLED

The cheapest option here is for the Red Super Mario Edition, which is just $288 (down from $350). While all the other OLED offers are for new models, this one is for an open-box console--though it's said to be in like-new condition. If you prefer something still sealed in its box, then take a look at the Neon Red & Blue edition, as it's only a few bucks more expensive at $290.

Over at Amazon, third-party sellers have the North American Zelda-themed Switch OLED for as low as $370--only $10 above retail price, to be fair--whereas the import listed on eBay below is $305. That's even less than the Amazon Renewed (refurbished) models that are going for $319.

eBay Nintendo Switch OLED listings

Nintendo Switch Console Deals

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

If you loved Wii Sports, you'll probably find Switch Sports to be a great addition to your gaming library. In that case, it's hard to pass up the Nintendo Switch Sports Bundle, which is available for just $270 (down from $350). But if you don't think you'll play the game, you can save $10 with the Nintendo Switch Gray Joy-Con that's listed for $260.

eBay Nintendo Switch listings

Nintendo Switch Lite Handheld Deals

Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite can't connect to your TV, but anyone shopping for an ultra-portable gaming console will find this version of the handheld to be the best option. Several Animal Crossing editions are up for grabs, giving you a chance to get a unique design along with a copy of the hit game (supports English language). If you'd be more comfortable buying the North American Animal Crossing-themed handheld, it's worth noting that Walmart still has the bundle in stock for $199. Though it's technically not discounted--this was one of the 2023 holiday bundles and exclusive to Walmart--you are getting a $60 game for free.

Meanwhile, the standalone Lite console can be had for $180 (down from $200). It may not seem like much, but that's actually one of the better discounts we've seen so far this year.

eBay Nintendo Switch Lite listings

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