How To Avoid Losing Your Wordle Streak

This trick will keep you from losing your precious winning streak.


If you take pride in your Wordle winning streak, you may want to sit down. Following the migration of the game's web address to the New York Times' website, it appears everyone's scores have been reset. You'll have to start from scratch on your streak--that is, unless you do one thing differently.

This wasn't supposed to be the case, according to a help section on the official New York Times site. According to the paper, all game statistics were supposed to migrate when the transition was made, and it suggests making sure you're using the same browser and are not in private mode.

However, several people have said it killed their streak anyway. It does show the maximum streak you had and how many times you've played, but your current streak can get reset to zero.

In our testing, this didn't actually happen, with both our total games and our current streak displaying correctly. According to the NYTimes Wordplay account, the reason is that we went to the original URL and were redirected, rather than search for the new New York Times URL from the beginning. Go the original URL, and it will migrate all statistics while going to the New York Times page itself will not.

So, there you have it. You can keep your streak and keep bragging to your friends. Seems like today's word should have been "SAVED."

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