How The Taken King Changes Destiny's Economy

All those currencies have been consolidated.


Destiny: The Taken King will bring some much-requested changes to the game's economy. These include tweaks to currencies and materials, as well as changes to the Tower's vendors.

According to Game Informer, developer Bungie is implementing many features that streamline upgrading and buying gear. For example, all of those materials and currencies in the game are being compressed into only a couple. If you've played Destiny, you'll have noticed the vast number of different weapon and armor upgrade materials in the game. Those have all been reduced to one type of item, called "armor materials."

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As such, you won't have tons of one unusable material filling your inventory that is compatible only with a different type of character. Any materials you get can be used with any character you have. If you already have stacks of spinmetal, helium filaments, or any other material, you can exchange them for armor materials when the expansion launches.

In addition, playing competitive multiplayer and cooperative modes won't give you different currencies any longer. Vanguard and Crucible Marks have been consolidated to Legendary Marks, which will still go toward purchase of Legendary armor.

Bungie is also bringing some changes to the vendors in the game's Tower social space. The studio has already discussed the changes coming to the Gunsmith--you'll be able to try out weapons and buy Legendaries from him--but there will also be kiosks that'll let you organize your shaders and emblems. Xur, the weekend vendor of exotic weapons and armor, will carry a new item called Three of Coins. This consumable will increase your chances of getting an exotic gear drop when you next kill a boss.

The Taken King launches on September 15 and includes a whole bunch of other changes in addition to the ones detailed here. For example, Nolan North will now voice the Ghost companion instead of Peter Dinklage, the developer is reorganizing quests and bounties, and there will be a new leveling system in the game.

Keep an eye on GameSpot for more news about the expansion in the coming weeks.

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