How Resident Evil 7 Fits Into The Series' Universe

Taking up residence.


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Despite switching to a first-person perspective and ignoring all of its established characters in favor of newcomer Ethan Winters, Resident Evil 7 is not a spin-off nor a standalone entry to the series. Even the number at the end of its title unequivocally establishes RE7 as the next installment in the ongoing saga. However, prior to the game's launch, publisher Capcom would only confirm that the events portrayed in RE7 take place after the conclusion of Resident Evil 6. Thankfully, RE7 is now available publically, which means we know a whole lot more about how this game ties into the rest of the series.

Though RE7 contains quite a few subtle references to series lore, the biggest connection is Ethan's missing wife Mia--who, as it turns out, is partially responsible for the horror inflicted on both Ethan and the Baker family. Of course, the game hides this for well over half the campaign. Early on, Mia appears dazed and detached seemingly as a result of battling some demonic possession that causes her to repeatedly attack Ethan.

When Ethan and Mia eventually escape from the Baker's plantation, however, we discover Mia wasn't possessed by a demon, but rather, by a bio-organic weapon in the form of a little girl named Eveline. Prior to the start of the game, Mia was charged by her employer--a mysterious, unnamed corporation--with protecting Evelyn during a covert transport operation. Unfortunately, something went wrong, and Eveline used her considerable powers--including an organic form of mind-control--to destroy the ship they're traveling on. The wreckage eventually washes up in the bayou, not far from the Baker's place.

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But here's the interesting part for series fans: while aboard the ship, you can find a document that references the Umbrella Corporation, and at the very end, Ethan flies away in a helicopter with an obvious Umbrella Corps. logo plastered on the side (though interestingly, this logo is clearly blue and white instead of the traditional red and white). Interpret that how you will, but it certainly seems to imply a rebirth of Resident Evil's long-time villainous conglomerate despite its apparent destruction well over a decade ago at the end of Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

Outside of Umbrella's resurgence, there's at least one other major piece of fan service: a brief cameo by Chris Redfield. During the final boss encounter, Ethan suddenly discovers all his weapons are utterly ineffective. Thankfully, an unseen person tosses him a special pistol called the Albert-01R (no doubt a reference to infamous series villain Albert Wesker) at just the right moment. After he finishes off the boss, Ethan's savior introduces himself as "Redfield" before climbing aboard one of those Umbrella-branded choppers. The character doesn't actually look all that much like the Chris Redfield we've seen in previous games, though, so feel free to start developing wild conspiracy theories.

Inevitably, fans will discover more references and Easter eggs in the coming months, but until then, be sure to check out our official review, as well as our video compilation of GameSpot employees screaming at RE7 in VR.

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If you can withstand the credits there are multiple lines that say "Chris Redfield - *Insert Voice Actor Here*". Whether it's a clever trick by Capcom and having you believe it's Chris and then forcing a Hunk reveal is up to you. But multiple websites have said "Is Redfield really Chris? Or some other character with the same name?" Well the credits prove it's supposed to be Chris, though it doesn't look like him I actually believe it's Chris and somebody thought it'd be a good idea to let out their creative genius rather than following a set in stone idea.

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I'm just happy to see so much positivity for once in a comment section lol

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It's evident and u can tell that Capcom got some of its queues in the making of RE7 by taking notes and implementing ideas from other horror movie/gaming franchises. The Bakers = Texas Chainsaw Massacre; Evyline, the little girl = Bioshock's Little Sisters/FPS style. The plot came across as the "recycled" original idea Capcom had for RE4 before it was trashed in place of the final one. I'll give them a nod for the manner in which they delivered the story in the game. Was expecting a variation of virus-infected mutant type enemies but I guess they were limited to content that logically coincides with the story. Overall this is a better RE game than RE5 or RE6 ever was. S/N: The Chris Redfield in the end ain't the same one I've known since RE5. Wtf was Capcom thinking. They better save face by thickening the plot with a Hunk reveal.

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There were only two more things that I saw connect. There's a painting in which reads Arklay Mountains, July 1997 or eight (as well as the day number, but I don't remember). You'll find it in the main hall of the mansion. There's also a magazine when you're on the ship (I say ship, but that's still being pretty vague) that mentions that 16 years have passed since the Racoon City incident and that people are still suffering. Another thing... I totally didn't know Mia was Ethan's wife. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention, but she seemed to be more like his girlfriend. They asked Dan during the quick look on Giant Bomb and he didn't really give an answer either.

I'm not sure if they spell it out; I don't remember. I feel like this game did a really good self-contained story that was inside the RE universe, but if you look at it from the point of view of another character, it's kind of just another day in the job, and the reason the BSAA was created. Okay, I won't go into too much detail as to what I mean. It's negligible but it covers up one of the issues of retaining a series when something has already ended by putting you in the shoes of a new character and making it personal for that character.

I personally actually liked RE6, but one of the things I didn't like was that it didn't necessarily have to exist. Albert Wesker had died, so after that, all they're doing is making more and more viruses to give a reason as to why there's another story in this universe. RE7 just does it really well by making it personal. I thought that this game was really great, and I honestly didn't expect to be as excited as I was as I went through it. I love Resident Evil, but due to thinking about other things, and other games (as well as just not anticipating this games release so soon), I didn't have the utmost excitement over it when I put it in the system.

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This is the most RE game since 4. This game is really good. Really classic RE feel to it

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@restatbonfire: I enjoyed resident Evil 4 a ton, but it to me didn't feel like a resident evil to me. But then again I grew up on the originals so RE7 feels like a return to roots. And I have to admit I was worried about how first person would effect the game, not in the since of horror, but a resident evil game to me in first person seemed strange, but it definitely worked

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ehh... spin offs like Revelations are more RE than this.

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@plug313: Hey, you do realize that Nakanishi, who directed RE: Revelations, directed this game too, right? I thought his work on Revelations was really apparent in RE7, especially considering there's a section towards the end of the game that feels like it's a direct nod to that Revelations' setting. For me RE7 was a return to form, honoring the classics while pushing the series forward, and the first-person POV was actually fun.

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@plug313: Besides the game's first person view, it feels very much like an RE game. We're just not dealing with zombies anymore, which is fine. The series needed change. But the survival aspects, the puzzles, item management, all of it feels a lot like it did in the first game.

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@Pierce_Sparrow: Zombies are and will always be a part of what makes Resident Evil, well, Resident Evil - atleast for me.

Avatar image for butterworth

@Gbullet: I miss the zombies too, but I still enjoyed RE7 quite a bit.

Avatar image for restatbonfire

@butterworth: I'm thinking RE8 will be with zombies first person

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Gladly read all of this despite not playing the game and thus spoiling parts of the story for myself. I'll be real with y'all, I'm too scared to play it but still want to find out what happens lol

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@superbry23: The game is definitely scarier than the past three numbered Resident Evil games, but honestly, after about four hours inside the mansion--and not to its detriment mind you--the game becomes progressively less scary, and actually a lot more action focused. It never gets to the point where you're shooting as many enemies as you would in RE4 - RE6, but you will have a bunch of ammo and enough guns that it almost becomes a shooter. You'll definitely watch your back a lot, but you won't fear walking down a corridor or coming up on a corner or door (which you might in the first four hours)

After the four hours, once I got a flamethrower (which is actually somewhat weak compared to other guns) I more or less stopped walking around being hesitant about what's lurking around the corner and I started sprinting more often. That said, when the game's environmental design in terms of structure doesn't put fear in you, the game will be so dark you won't be able to see ten feet ahead, and enemies may (or may not) appear behind you at some point, so you will still be cautious about what you may face ahead. The game took me 9.5 hours, but it didn't feel short to me since it covered a lot of ground.

This is not another Amnesia, or even Outlast. It is very much a Resident Evil game, just in the first person view. The game is a good blend of old-fashioned Resident Evil and the more recent iterations starting with four. It's a great game.

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@NTM23: That's actually nice to know, I might give the game a try down the line but idk why horror games scare me so much. Even more than movies. The only game I've beaten that can be considered horror is Alan Wake, and even that was pretty tame. I'll definitely consider playing RE7 (with all the lights on if I'm playing at night lol)

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@superbry23: Alan Wake was actually somewhat intense, though for sure. The act of running away from the taken combined with the fact that Wake has terrible stamina made it scarier than it actually realistically needed to be. I love Alan Wake, but the bad stamina was a plus and minus for the game to me.

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Still not buying this crap.

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@lilhurk1985187: Get to the part where we care...

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@lilhurk1985187: Then don't buy it !

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I just want to know if any of the RE characters from previous games make some kind of appearance. Heck, even Ada over the phone. I know it's not a critical element, but you know how it goes...

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Now you bother to use spoiler hide text? Where was this for many articles of various games before they launched.....

Avatar image for hagens09

@darkelf83: maybe they took that criticism and decided to do something about it? You'd be complaining even more if they didn't have spoiler tags.