How PS4-Exclusive Let It Die Hopes to Avoid Pay-to-Win

The microtransactions will let you "shorten the grind."


Hack and slash title Let It Die, the next project from Killer 7 and No More Heroes developer Grasshopper Manufacture, is a free-to-play game for PlayStation 4. The game's director, Goichi Suda, has now spoken up to say the game is being designed to avoid a pay-to-win scenario.

"We can't talk too much about it, but we want to make sure players are not feeling like [players] have to pay," Suda told GameSpot in an interview at E3 today. "We want to make sure players can enjoy the game without having to monetize and that they aren't barred from anything because they don't monetize."

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Suda went on to say that Let It Die's microtransactions, which have not yet been fully detailed, will allow players to "shorten the grind." Additionally, Suda explained that there will be items in the game that you can only unlock through standard progression.

You can't simply pay for everything you want. "We want to make sure that players understand that it's not pay-to-win or pay-to-get-anything-you-want," Suda explained.

Let It Die began its life as Lily Bergamo, but at E3 2014, it was confirmed that the game morphed into its current state. Check back soon with GameSpot for more on the evolution of the project.

It is the first game from Suda, AKA Suda 51, and developer Grasshopper Manufacture since the studio was acquired by GungHo Online Entertainment (best known for its hugely successful free-to-play mobile game Puzzle & Dragons) and the first PS4 game for both companies.

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