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How Persona 5 Tactica Twists RPG Systems Into A Tactical Treat

Elements from Persona 5 like elemental damage, taking cover, and special abilities return with a tactical bent.


In a press release, Atlus revealed how Persona 5 Tactica will offer a tactical twist on the franchise's classic systems of elemental weakness, with unique skills and abilities for every character, and social connections to explore.

Just like in Persona 5, your characters can take cover. If characters are in cover at the end of their turn, they will take reduced damage or entirely evade harm. However, if they aren't in cover at the end of your turn, enemies will get a "One More" and can deal an additional round of damage.

Elemental attacks also inflict ailments onto enemies. Fire attacks, like Agi, will deal extra damage at the end of the affected enemy's turn, for example, while electrical attacks, like Zio, will prevent affected enemies from moving. If you hit an enemy that has taken cover with a skill, you'll get a One More and get the chance to hit them again. In this way, and with other abilities, you can chain together attacks to deal continual damage.

Taking or dealing damage fills up a Voltage gauge. When the gauge is full, your character will be able to unleash a unique special ability. Additionally, every character has a unique skill tree, which you can upgrade over time. As you win battles, and hang out with party members in Talk Events, you'll get Growth Points that you can spend on skills. You can also reset a character's skill tree to try out new builds and abilities.

As for the plot, Tactica involves the cast of Persona 5 in a new conflict. After the events of Persona 5, the Phantom Thieves are mysteriously transferred to a new realm in the Metaverse (no, not that one). Surrounded by mysterious soldiers of the Legionnaires, the Phantom Thieves fight the faction's leader Marie. They are defeated and the leader of a resistance movement, Erina, saves only two of the thieves from Marie's brainwashing power: Joker and Morgana. They are then tasked with freeing the Phantom Thieves and getting to the bottom of Marie's devious plots.

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