How much would you pay for a high-end aluminum NES?

Maker of premium retro gaming consoles tackles the Nintendo Entertainment System, designing the Analogue Nt with full NES, Famicom, and Famicom Disk support.


The prviously released wooden Neo Geo console
The prviously released wooden Neo Geo console

Creator of high-end aftermarket retro consoles, Analogue, announced today that it’s well on its way to releasing the Analogue Nt, a re-engineered Nintendo Entertainment System with support for the full NES and Famicom library, including Famicom Disk games, when no other third party NES on the market currently supports the FDS format.

The initial announcement leaves a few details unclear, but Analogue will reveal all information pertaining to specs and pricing of the Analogue Nt, as well as open pre-orders, at the end of March. The previously released woden Neo Geo from Analogue retailed for $650.

While competing NES clones on the market allow you to play NES cartridges, compatibility with certain games containing unusual features, such as Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, is inconsistent. To avoid the problems that come with emulation, Analogue has completely re-engineered the guts of the NES with accuracy in mind. Like the wooden Neo Geo, Analogue Nt is fitted with enhanced hardware features, including audiophile and videophile grade components, and built-in support for up to four controllers, in addition to the aluminum chassis.

According to Analogue owner, Christopher Taber, the competition is doing it wrong.

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“The thing that separates us from the competition is that we're only interested in doing what’s right. Creating something that we want to use ourselves and that we’re proud to bring to the world. There are so many knock off systems on the market today. Usually produced at less than desirable level of quality along side conflicting design choices. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone specifically, but it's not exactly news that most aftermarket systems are cheap, low quality and last for a limited time. You get what you pay for.

"People who really care about products talk about quality, quality, quality. Its not just quality but the integration and consistency of quality. It's not adding a few quality features or aspects; it's the entire thing, every aspect. Everything we develop comes from that perspective. We want to make things that will last a lifetime, that people will cherish forever.”

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