How much will Oculus Rift games cost?

Developers will set prices, which could range from free-to-play to premium, CEO says.

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There are still many unanswered questions surrounding Oculus VR's new virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, one of which is: How much will the games cost? CEO Brendan Iribe told Gamesindustry International that his company has no say in final sticker prices, but explained that he would not be shocked to see "premium" pricing.

"It's going to be up to the developers," Iribe said. "There will be some who make casual, simpler experiences--maybe bite-sized. There are going to be indie developers that make bigger experiences. And there are going to be bigger teams that make really big experiences. ... And some that we've seen early prototypes of... Well, we've seen some that, boy, would I pay a lot to get that experience in virtual reality."

Oculus VR director of developer relations Aaron Davies said if Oculus Rift games are priced at a premium--perhaps above the current $60 rate--it will be because the experiences they offer are deeper than what you might find in a traditional console game.

"In VR, suddenly objects have value--and scale and size and depth and I think there will be opportunities for developers to monetize them," Davies said.

If Oculus Rift software pricing is indeed premium, developers are running a risk, Iribe added. "They'd better deliver if they're going to charge more than $50 or $60 for a game," he said.

Importantly, everything Davies and Iribe are saying about Oculus Rift and pricing is purely hypothetical--it all could change. Right now, the company has not announced a public release date for the headset, and wouldn't even commit to a 2014 release window in the interview.

"We're not going to ship until we have a version that delivers a highly immersive, comfortable experience at a low price," Iribe said. "I don't mean just the foam padding and things like that. The experience of virtual reality has to be comfortable. VR has never been close to comfortable. We're confident we will deliver a very comfortable experience for version one. It's my belief that the age of 2D monitors has run its course."

Oculus VR has shipped more than 50,000 Oculus Rift developer units so far. At CES 2014 last week, the company unveiled its latest prototype--the Crystal Cove. Check out GameSpot's video coverage of the headset below for more.

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