How much did you pay for this irresistible Sid Meier Civilization bundle?

Latest Humble Bundle dishes out lots of Civilization games, with money going to Action Against Hunger.

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The latest pay-what-you-want Humble Bundle has been released, and it features a bevy of excellent games from strategy genius Sid Meier and Firaxis Games.

The Humble Sid Meier Bundle allows you to pay what you want for Civilization III, Civilization IV, Ace Patrol with its Pacific Skies DLC, and Railroads. Anyone who pays over the average will also get a copy of Civilization V and its Gods & Kings expansion, and those who contribute $15 or more will also get a copy of Civ V's relatively recent Brave New World expansion.

All games run on Windows, with Civilization IV and V also working on Mac. Steam keys are also included in the bundle.

Buyers can choose to divvy up their proceeds towards publisher 2K, charity Action Against Hunger, and a tip for the Humble Bundle itself.

At the time of writing, the bundle has currently racked up $1,030,727 from 125,749 purchases, with the average buyer putting down $8.20.

Civilization V is a staple of the GameSpot office, and anyone who wants to argue with us over the merits of the hexagonal grid versus the series' old stacks of doom can feel free to do so in the comments.

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