How Many Kickstarter Games Have Failed to Deliver?

Document tracks the progress of every major game funded with more than $75,000.

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Have you ever wondered just how many Kickstarters have actually delivered on their promises? NeoGAF moderator Stumpokapow has decided to log every game-related Kickstarter project that pulled in more than $75,000 as of June 2014 in one large spreadsheet.

The document not only lists games, but also grades their progress on a scale from “admitted failure" to “released." There's also a nine-month grace period to give developers a reasonable amount of time to make progress before assessing their progress.

At time of writing, of the 186 of the successfully funded projects, 63 have made their way to market, while ten have been classified as failures. Some of the more infamous disappointments include Code Hero, The Stomping Land, and Yogventures

The next scheduled update will be in late March, but for now the majority of games on the list have been released or are making progress. Even so, the document's creator notes that "virtually no Kickstarter games from any dev at any budget level with any final release quality have released on time."

Instead, Stumpokapow suggests basing decisions on whether the money developers are asking for is in "the realm of sanity." Adding, "A dev that asks for $20k to fund a dev team of 10 for a year cannot guarantee the project will release. A dev that claims their game will go from concept art to release in 4 months when the game has any scope at all is simply wrong."

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