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How Madame Web Compares To Morbius At The Box Office

Madame Web and Morbius are some of Sony's worst-performing superhero films.


Madame Web and Morbius are two of Sony's lowest-performing Spider-Man films at the box office, but how exactly do the movies compare in terms of commercial performance?

Madame Web has earned $77.5 million worldwide at the box office since its debut on February 14. Morbius, meanwhile, ended its theatrical run with $167.5 million globally back in 2022. Madame Web will need to make up a lot of ground to catch up to Morbius.

Looking at their first US weekends specifically, Madame Web earned $15 million for its first Friday-Sunday period. That doesn't tell the whole story, though, because Madame Web opened during a holiday window. It made $26 million over the six-day period covering its opening day on Valentine's Day to Monday, February 19 for the Presidents' Day long weekend.

Morbius, meanwhile, made $39 million in the US for its first weekend (Friday-Sunday). So however you slice it, Morbius performed much better at the start than Madame Web.

That might not be what Sony Pictures wants to hear, as Morbius has been turned into something of a joke on social media. Remember all the "It's Morbin Time!" memes? Sony brought Morbius back to theaters after the memes took off. Morbius comes to Disney+ in March.

Sony's Spider-Man movies, meanwhile, have proven to be hugely successful. The recent Tom Holland trilogy earned close to $4 billion worldwide. The last film, No Way Home, made $1.9 billion worldwide at the box office.

Sony's other Spider-Man spin-off, Venom, has been a big hit as well at the box office. The first two movies have collectively grossed $1.5 billion, and a third is on the way later this year.

Sony owns the theatrical rights to Spider-Man and other characters in the universe, and these are made in partnership with Marvel but are not MCU movies. Sony and Marvel previously worked together to iron out a deal to bring Holland's Spider-Man to films like The Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

In terms of Madame Web and Morbius, box office results should not take away anything from a person's enjoyment of a given film. After all, Hollywood history is full of beloved films that fared poorly at the box office.

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