How Long Would It Take to Finish Your Entire Steam Backlog?

A new website lets you know if you'll survive trying to catch up on your Steam library.


If you play games on PC through Steam, chances are you have a pretty significant backlog of games you haven't finished. Now, there's a website that lets you know how long it'll take to finish your backlog. It will also tell you if you will survive to see your library completed given your current rate of play.

Called How Long to Beat Steam, the website uses Steam profile info to compile statistics for playtime. It shows the total amount you've played and the total amount of time the games would take to finish. For example, I have a library of 104 games. I've played 179 hours so far, but if I wanted to complete 100 percent of every game I own, it would take another 4500 hours, or 6 months of nonstop play.

My Steam library stats
My Steam library stats

The website also has a tool called the "Steam Survival Calculator" which takes the amount of hours you normally play per week and tells you if you'll live long enough to complete your backlog. At my average of about four hours on Steam per week, I'd be able to clear every game and still have 34 years left to live.

There have been some apps like this before, but How Long To Beat Steam also breaks down the time to beat by category. In addition to showing how long it would take to achieve 100 percent completion, it also presents the time needed to simply finish the main goal of each game.

It's a pretty neat tool to visualize the time spent on playing games, even if it puts it in terms of your own mortality. How many hours have you played and have left to play to complete your backlog? Let us know in the comments!

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