How Long To Beat Season: A Letter To The Future

Estelle's adventures prove that happiness is just a moment.


Driven by pastel views and a Studio Ghibli-like take on existentialism, Season: A Letter To The Future is a reposeful illustration of how memories define who we are. The new IP from the team that worked on 2018's Darwin Project follows a young woman named Estelle who leaves her home for the first time to meet other people and document moments for the future before a mysterious cataclysm washes everything away. It's an indie adventure that provokes creativity with a film camera and a bicycle tour that steadies the heart with immersion, so here's how long it actually takes to beat Season.

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How long is Season: A Letter To The Future?

Season is all about moments and memories.
Season is all about moments and memories.

Season is a third-person atmospheric adventure game that will take you 8-12 hours to beat. It's a bicycle road trip sim that allows players to hop off their bike at any time and utilize recording tools to document the world around them, so the length of a single playthrough depends on exploration.

There isn't a detailed mission list with multiple chapters, but there are four major sections of Season that follow Estelle and her journey to and from Tieng Valley. Players can likely mainline the story and finish the game in roughly 6-8 hours, but that means skipping additional keepsakes, audio recordings, and photo opportunities that fill in Estelle's journal and add further context to the narrative. They are not imperative or required for alternate endings, but Season regularly asks you to record life as you find it, whether it's through abstract polaroids or sounds of wildlife that will soon be forgotten in time.

Don't forget the impromptu bike rides around the valley. They're not required, but so worth it.

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