How Long To Beat Rainbow Six Extraction: All Maps, Missions, And Endgame

Here's all you'll see when you drop into the alien-infested Containment Zone.


Rainbow Six Extraction has arrived, and in it, you and two friends will do battle with a swarm of hostile aliens called Archaeans all across locations in the United States. While the game features some randomized elements and doesn't precisely have an ending in the traditional sense, you can still see all it has to offer within a particular timeframe. If you're wondering how long it takes to beat Rainbow Six Extraction, as well as things like what kind of objectives you might come across, here's all there is to know.

How long to beat Rainbow Six Extraction

Though Extraction includes endgame content meant to entice you to play for the long haul, you can see all of the game's maps and modes in about 20 hours. That figure accounts for the four regions available at launch-- New York City, San Francisco, Anchorage, and Truth or Consequences--each with three sub-zones, giving us 12 maps in total. You'll want to use different Operators and consider getting at least one to level 10, the max level where all of their perks become available. You'll also want to play different maps on the game's four-part difficulty slider. In time, all these figures will likely grow as Extraction receives post-launch support.

Each sub-zone plays host to at least one objective, and each objective suits different Operators and should suggest different play style considerations. However, as you'll read in our Rainbox Six Extraction beginner's guide, it's generally a very good idea to stay stealthy whenever possible. There are 12 possible objectives, which can be seen as mission types, in the game at launch. What they are and what they entail can be seen below.

Rainbow Six Extraction mission list - all objectives

The 12 various objectives in Extraction at launch include:

  • Specimen - Lure an Elite Archaean back to the extraction zone
  • Nest Tracking - Plant tracking devices on dormant nests
  • Biopsy - Perform melee kills on specific Archaeans
  • Sabotage - Plant charges and defend them until they explode
  • Triangulation - Locate and activate three laptops
  • Serial Scan - Defend, in sequence, three locations in the sub-zone
  • Hunt - Kill Archaeans to attract an Elite, then kill it
  • Rescue - Extract a VIP alive
  • Decontamination - Destroy nests in quick succession
  • Shutdown - Destroy a parasite tower using bombs
  • MIA Rescue - Free a captured Operator from the Archaean tree
  • Singularity - Travel through a portal to face off against a Protean in a boss battle
Sometimes, survival is sufficient.
Sometimes, survival is sufficient.

Along the way to unlocking endgame content, you'll play each of these objectives multiple times. Sometimes they'll be on maps where you've not played them before, and the order in which you play them in any particular Incursion is randomized much like the choice of objectives themselves. Eventually, you'll level up your career to level 17 (of 30 at launch), at which point you'll unlock the endgame content.

Rainbow Six endgame - Maelstrom Protocol

The Maelstrom Protocol can be considered the all-in-one hardest difficulty, ranked mode, and endgame content. Expanding the game's usual three-map Incursion to a massive nine locations, the Maelstrom Protocol also increases the difficulty by giving each sub-zone a gameplay modifier, called Parasitic Mutations, that add an extra element of unforgiving elements to consider, such as toxic Sprawl that hurts to touch, or dense fog that can envelop the whole map and limit visibility.

The Maelstrom Protocol tracks your high score and rewards you with exclusive cosmetics for clearing milestones. Like Assignments, the game's shorter live-service mode, the Maelstrom Protocol updates weekly and invites all players to play the same chain of events and compete on leaderboards. For the best, most determined players, the Maelstrom Protocol is where you'll want to spend your time once you've completed all Studies--in-game challenges specific to each map.

Ubisoft says players can expect frequent content updates into the future, and one could infer this to mean not just new Maelstrom Protocol objectives, but perhaps new areas, Operators, and perhaps even Archaeans in due time.

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