How Gears 5 Was Inspired By Mad Max: Fury Road

Gears 5 for Xbox One and PC puts you into the boots of Kait, not JD or Marcus Fenix.

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The Coalition boss Rod Ferugsson has spoken more about how Gears 5 was inspired by the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. In an interview with IGN, Fergusson said Gears of War 4 felt like Mad Max: Fury Road in that it was really the story of Kait Diaz, with playable character JD Fenix serving as the facilitator. This is not unlike how Fury Road's story was really all about Furiosa, even if Max was the title character.

"Mad Max: Fury Road was really Furiosa's story, and Mad Max was the facilitator of her story," Fergusson explained. "That's what we did with Gears of War 4. It was really Kait's story about saving her mom, and JD was there to facilitate it."

But with Gears 5, Fergusson and the team decided it would be more impactful to shift the perspective to Kait herself. "It's actually more impactful to live the story then to watch the story. So rather than being JD watching Kait go through a bunch of stuff, why not be Kait and go through it yourself," he said.

Here is more from the official Gears 5 description regarding Kait and her place in the story and wider Gears of War universe:

"Kait was born and raised beyond the COG's formal jurisdiction. Her mother, Reyna, was the leader of her isolated Outsider village. Yet Kait also has deep family ties to the COG: her late father was a widely admired lieutenant colonel during the Pendulum Wars and her uncle, Oscar, was a highly decorated frontline Gear in the early years of the Locust War. Even after her induction into the COG, her true loyalties are unknown, even to her."

Gears 5 launches in September for Xbox One and PC. It could also be releasing on Xbox Project Scarlett, but Microsoft isn't talking about that yet.

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We accepted Marcus & Dom long before we were emotionally attached to them (I think within the first gunfight) . Just make the game fun and it will work.

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No surprise, games have been ripping off from movies since the Atari days.

Doubt it will be more impactful, gaming always has a bad habit of being over-dramic and heavy handed, it lacks the subtly and nuance of movies.

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okay thats nice, now how about taking the most important inspiration from Mad Max Fury Rod and you know..making your game actually awesome and action packed with a solid narrative.

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No one can replace Marcus Fenix

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Dont compare your shit game to one if the Best movies ever made

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@knolddasker: He is not comparing, storywise he grab some ideas from the movie.