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How Fortnite's Map Has Changed In Season 10: Rift Zones, Comet, Skeleton, And More

A whole new world.


The start of a new season in Fortnite brings with it changes to the island all the action takes place on, and that is the case with the newly launched Season 10, officially dubbed Season X. However, things are a little different this time around, as some of the new elements are actually older ones from previous seasons. The theme for Season 10 involves a little bit of time travel to create a kind of best-of experience in the game. Items from seasons gone have reappeared and, similarly, the map has changed to reflect the old alongside the new. Here's a rundown on the major additions and changes to the island in update 10.00.

Rift Zones

The biggest change to the map is the introduction of Rift Zones, which transform different locations on the island when you venture to them. Developer Epic Games has indicated that, over the course of the season, how these Rift Zones impact the areas around them will change and evolve, which makes sense given that the studio likes to mix things up regularly to keep the game fresh.

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Dusty Depot Is Back

In terms of what's returned, the main one is Dusty Depot. In Season 4, a comet crashed onto the island and transformed it into Dusty Divot; it seems this has been undone in Season 10. Now there are a few warehouses there and a Reboot Van, if you need to bring friends back to life. The newly introduced Brute mechs will also appear there.

The comet that caused all the destruction has also returned and is hovering above the island, positioned so that players can visit it and get a closer look. It's frozen in the sky, so you can safely drop or build your way up to it and, if you do, there's usually a chest to be opened there. There's also a way inside the actual comet for those looking to explore.

Over in Loot Lake, you'll find a giant orb, which seems to be the cause of all the time manipulating shenanigans. It looks to be expanding, with the time suspension bubble around it growing in influence. If you venture close enough, you'll notice the gravity changes, allowing you to float around. You can be sure that this orb will play a big part in the events that unfold in the coming weeks.

Another noticeable addition is the giant skeleton of a monster with a sword pierced through it. Interestingly, there's a strange purple fluid of some sort leaking out onto the ground around it. What's peculiar about this is the liquid seems to be forming spiral-like patterns around it. The question is how far this will spread, and will it result in the monster being resurrected in some fashion?

Durr Burger Head and Stone Head Statue

A couple of other noteworthy things include the Durr Burger Head and Stone Head Statue reappearing--and they're already the destination for a Season 10 challenge. These seem to be just a nice little throwback for a bit of Fortnite nostalgia. You can see the new map above.

Again, the Rifts have opened the door for Epic Games to make more frequent updates to the island. Previously, significant changes to the map were tied to major events such as the comet crash or the pirate invasion, but with these new time anomalies, the orb, and the skeleton, there are ample ways to get creative with more regular changes. The Rift Zones can also impact the gameplay, such as by preventing the use of Harvesting Tools, for example.

The way you play Fortnite has also changed in Season 10, as challenges are now themed and grouped together as "Missions." Currently, there are no weekly or daily challenges, as there have been in the past, but it's unclear whether this will remain the case throughout Season 10 or if they will return in the future. More information can be found in our Fortnite Season 10 Challenge and Mission breakdown.

Of course, there's a new Battle Pass too, and it functions in the same way it has for the past few seasons. To make the most of Fortnite you'll need to have one, especially as there's much less for those without a Battle Pass to do. We've put together a comprehensive gallery featuring all the new Fortnite skins, emotes, back bling, wraps, pets, and more, so you can take a look and figure out if you want to invest the time and money.

For a wider view of what's new and different, head over to the Fortnite update 10.00 patch notes.

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