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How Does No Man's Sky's Universe Actually Work?

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Cameron Robinson visits Hello Games to uncover the algorithms that built an entire universe.

The scale of AAA games development is starting to reach obscene levels of craft. While our computers and consoles have become capable of rendering much larger environments, we've also become more demanding of the detail within those worlds. This is why there are hundreds of people working on the Assassins's Creed franchise. Because we demand that each door is painted uniquely and each civilian is wearing something different.

Content is expensive in games development so the team at Hello Games have had to come up with an entirely new way of creating it. And that method lies in a vast set of interconnected algorithms which are responsible for creating the universe of No Man's Sky. Today we present a special episode of Cameron Robinson's science show Reality Check, where he visits Hello Games to uncover the tools and math that built an entire universe.

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The Next Big Game - No Man's Sky


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The Next Big Game - No Man's Sky

The Next Big Game - No Man's Sky
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