How Battlefield Hardline Is Changing After the Beta

Visceral is adding more recoil to some Assault Rifles and making some starting guns more "user-friendly" for new players.

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Battlefield Hardline developer Visceral Games has outlined some changes being made to the first-person shooter following its week-long beta earlier this month. More than 7 million people played the beta, leaving Visceral with plenty of data and feedback to pore over.

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Though Visceral doesn't plan to make any sweeping changes ("We don't plan on upsetting the apple cart," it says), the studio is making some possibly significant tweaks to weapons.

Weapons designer David Price explains in the video below that Visceral is adding more recoil to a few of the Assault Rifles to make them less "overpowered." In addition, Price went on to say that a few of the game's starting weapons will be changed so that they are more "user-friendly" for new players.

"Remember that we're always listening and that we welcome constructive dialogue about the gameplay," lead multiplayer designer Thad Sesser said in a post on the Battlefield blog. "At the same time we want to make sure that our collective vision for Hardline gets a chance to be expressed."

I played a lot of the Hardline beta and nothing in particular stood out to me as something that needed to be addressed for the final version. What did you think about the general state of Hardline in the beta? Let us know in the comments below!

The Hardline release date is March 17 in the US and March 20 in the UK on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. For lots more on the beta, check out the video above.

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Avatar image for flashn00b

Wait, does this mean that unlocks will neither be better or worse than the starting weapons?

Avatar image for sbkline

My Wishlist

1. Can someone make a getting into a vehicle animation, its was pissed me off about BF4. How people just phase in and out of cars to save there lives.

2. Big Guns, on like heli are really underpowered, there only use seem to be for taking out vehicles, they should cause a lot of suppression and more target player damage when being sprayed shot.

3. The respawn point for the cops shouldn't be right behind the last package drop off point, in Heist.

4. Destruction capabilities have really gone down it seems.

Theres more but I can't think of them right now.

Avatar image for deactivated-5b1fecf308e18

Sort out the driving mechanics

They are garbage

Avatar image for deactivated-5b1fecf308e18

''Though Visceral doesn't plan to make any sweeping changes ("We don't plan on upsetting the apple cart," it says)''

Well they didn't exactly make any sweeping changes from bf4 did they, why start now huh?

Avatar image for dylandr

they need to add more of those special reloads they cracked me up :)

Avatar image for peterhorner1867

I'd hope it was changing a lot given that the beta looks like something from mid-development

Avatar image for DonBaser

Hotwire will be BF: Hardline's signature mode? That sucks... All I came across in the beta were enemies hiding after they put mines everywhere while I was hotwiring a vehicle

Avatar image for shane33046

Adapt or die

Avatar image for sev2010

Good thing they have decided to change the game a lil bit. Coz the game in its current condition is not going to sell well. The core idea behind such a deviation in Battlefield series is rife with holes and assumptions. Its a lil bit too late to change that thou.

Avatar image for shane33046

Couldn't disagree more. This felt like the follow up to bad company. Just what the console versions need. I predict big things here.

Avatar image for KaoGen

<< LINK REMOVED >> People just get used to the normal BF recipe, so when it changes they are overly critical with almost bias. Personally i found the betas tons more fun than what BF3/4 ever gave me, almost to the level that i enjoyed BC2.

Avatar image for sicnastyy

That was one thing I was kinda hoping they wouldn't change. I want more destruction, a different character model for the criminal specialist (just kidding but he does kind of bother me), chrarcter sprint bumping fix, doors opening outwards/the direction you push the reguardless of entrance point

Avatar image for kiloton_phreak

Too many explosives in this game. :(

Avatar image for yngsten

I think the choppers ruined it, the maps are too small for that kind of feature.

Avatar image for Tricked03Hemi

Hardlines changing? Hopefully it was just a beta test and its scrapped and they can work on BF5. With no issues maybe?

Avatar image for k41m

Loved it, can't wait for it.

Avatar image for jnw93

"user friendly for new players" ruined COD let hope they get it right

Avatar image for ps3gamer1234

Is this a good buy << LINK REMOVED >> ?

Avatar image for bruallord

<< LINK REMOVED >> If you haven't bought BF4 yet, then yeah it's a good buy.

Avatar image for oldtobie

I don't understand why people are saying this game was good in beta.

Avatar image for shane33046

What an odd thing to say

Avatar image for chedduhh

<< LINK REMOVED >> Because that's their opinion...?

Avatar image for jnw93

<< LINK REMOVED >> because people dont all share the same opinion...

Avatar image for grbolivar

The Stinger needs to be seriously revised. 88% damage for a laser-guided rocket with a insane range that doesn't require any aiming is just ridiculous. If it doesn't bring you down with one hit it will disable your chopper and unless you have the repair tool (and a safe place to repair it ASAP), you will lose it in just a few seconds.

Avatar image for pingnotpong

<< LINK REMOVED >> Try to play BF4. Already under power chopper against a HVM Rocket Launcer is one hit kill. And flares do no work either since you can just lock back to it. On Gulman Railway, a attack chopper is good for is transportation. Wait, thats all the map in BF4 haha. The Scout Chopper is way more deadly.

Avatar image for Darkjoker7

I think the shotgun needed to be more user friendly! just kidding, everything seemed fine in the beta but nothing stood out to me as to make this game a must buy on release title.

Avatar image for kimjongun1313

I had more fun with the Hardline beta than I did with all of Cod AW. Looking forward to this

Avatar image for blitxxx1981

<< LINK REMOVED >> Agreed B-)

Avatar image for chechak7

fun game ...if they make it 30 -40 $ i will by it

Avatar image for mckimsey

<< LINK REMOVED >> I never have a problem paying $60+ for any game I'll get more than 100 hours from. Average 500- 1000 from a typical battlefield game.

Avatar image for M3o5nster

I agree, $40 with premium included would've been worth my investment.

Avatar image for grbolivar

<< LINK REMOVED >>That price range will happen but you'll need to wait like a year.

Avatar image for TheGreyArea

user friendly??? the sniper rifles already felt like water pistols!

Avatar image for shane33046

BF snipers have never felt that powerful IMO. It's where accuracy matters.

Avatar image for wookiegr

Henceforth, I shall refer to this game as Hill Street Blues.

Avatar image for sev2010

<< LINK REMOVED >> chewbacca has spoken

Avatar image for Fartman7998

I'm not a hardcore Battlefield player....but the Cops and Robbers concept is really neat, I love it. That being said, the beta was very difficult for me. I got my rear kicked a lot, some things definitely need to change to make it easier for new players. There will be hordes of novice players, Cops and Robbers is something everybody has played at some point in their lives.

Avatar image for loner131

If you don't wanna get your ass kicked then play more and get better. Pussy ass kids crying about getting dominated when they suck is why CoD went to shit.

Go play CoD or Halo if all you're gonna do is whine. Those games are being made for kids like you.

Avatar image for Tricked03Hemi

Cops and robbers is gay....grow up people. It's not 1984 anymore where we played that outside with our friends.

Avatar image for Damnation_6

Looking kinda forward to it....not looking forward to the massive amounts of hackers....

Avatar image for lonewolf315

<< LINK REMOVED >> Like... actual hackers? Or this games version of Commander?

Avatar image for dannwilliss

<< LINK REMOVED >> There won't be any successful hackers. Hardline will use Fairfight, as BF4 does, and its one of the best anti-cheats out there. Hackers are noticed in minutes and I think it's even hardware banning now too.

Avatar image for PS4andXoneGamer

<< LINK REMOVED >> or glitches and bugs lol

Avatar image for Damnation_6

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Well this isn't DICE this time around so I think we might get a bit less glitches and bugs to be honest. DICE has horrible quality control.

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