How Battlefield 1 Got Its Old WW1 Gun Sounds

Finding guns from World War 1 is harder than you might think.


DICE is known for its excellent sound design in games like Star Wars Battlefront and the Battlefield series. Senior producer Aleks Grondal appeared on GameSpot's live E3 stage show and talked about how the developer got the old World War 1 gun sounds for Battlefield 1--finding guns from the early 20th century isn't as easy as you might think.

DICE was able to record sounds from these old guns in the US and Sweden, but some of the guns they needed couldn't be found. Thankfully, DICE had a "gun nut" on staff that helped them figure out alternative options that didn't compromise the game's audio authenticity.

"Many of these weapons, they are basically earlier versions of weapons used in World War 2, which is much more common to find," Grondal explained. "The gun nut guy, he'd basically go 'Oh, they only changed the bolt a little bit, so it should sound exactly the same. Oh, they only changed the frame over here, so it should be a good analogy to that.'"

Battlefield 1 releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 21. Its multiplayer was revealed at EA's E3 press conference, which came in the form of a match between a dozen or so celebrities--it turns out that Terry Crews and Snoop Dogg aren't very good at Battlefield 1.

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