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House Of The Dragon Now Has Its Own Monopoly Board Game

Turn eggs into dragons and compel your friends to pledge fealty in this Monopoly adaptation of the Game of Thrones spin-off series.


Winter is over, and now you can chill outside on a warm night with a few rounds of Monopoly: House of the Dragon. Hasbro has a version of Monopoly available for seemingly every fandom, and for Game of Thrones fans, this newly launched $35 edition focuses on the prequel to the hit TV series.

Monopoly: House of the Dragon edition
Monopoly: House of the Dragon edition

Like the show--which is a Game of Thrones spin-off set nearly 200 years in the past--House of the Dragon will see you battle your friends for control of the Iron Throne. It combines art, storylines, and characters from the series into a good-looking board game, and perhaps the nicest touch are the game tokens each player will use. Instead of a top hat or a race car, these are golden zinc pieces that represent one of the six major houses of the show; House Targaryen, House Hightower, House Velaryon, House Lannister, House Strong, and House Royce.

On the game board, you'll find key locations throughout your journey across Westeros and Essos. As usual, the main goal is taking control of as many strongholds as you can. Plastic dragon eggs and dragons replace houses and hotels, and the board game comes with 102 themed cardboard coins. Once you accumulate enough strength--dragons certainly help--rival houses will hopefully bend the knee. Or perhaps Westeros will be invaded by the hungry beings (kids) from beyond the wall (their room) and no house will win (because you need to stop playing).

If you'd prefer to bankrupt your friends--metaphorically--with a different fantasy-themed game of Monopoly, there are lots of alternatives to choose from currently. It's getting harder to find Monopoly: Game of Thrones at a decent price these days, but Amazon has the collector's edition available for $50. You can also pick up The Witcher, Lord of the Rings, and Dungeons & Dragons Monopoly games right now.

For younger members of the family, everyone's favorite genetic experiment from the Disney vaults, Stitch, has received his very own edition of Monopoly.

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