Hotline Miami pirated at 'extraordinary levels'

Publisher Devolver Digital says 2D top-down action game widely torrented; indie title sells 130,000 copies since launch in October.


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2D top-down action game Hotline Miami has been overwhelmed by piracy, publisher Devolver Digital has told Eurogamer. The company also revealed sales statistics to the site, confirming the game has sold 130,000 copies since launch in late October.

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"It has been torrented to such a staggering level, and given the file size of it, I mean, you can't really be surprised, right?," project manager Graeme Struthers said. "You could pass this thing around on the world's smallest memory stick. So it has been torrented to extraordinary levels."

Struthers said he is not aware of specific piracy figures for Hotline Miami, but regardless, he is not particularly perturbed by the illegal downloading. In fact, developer Jonatan Söderström even released a legitimate patch for pirated versions of Hotline Miami because "he didn't want people playing the buggy version of his game however they got it."

Hotline Miami is set in an alternate 1989 Miami, with players taking on the role of a mysterious antihero on a killing spree in the city's underworld. For more, check out GameSpot's review.

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