Hot Shots Golf goes online this summer

Clap Hanz and Sony team up yet again for the fourth game in the Hot Shots Golf series.


Hot Shots Golf Fore!

Sony has announced plans to release Minna no Golf 4--which hit Japan back in November--in North America this summer as Hot Shots Golf Fore! The game will feature many of the same online modes and options found in the Japanese release, but there will also be some new enhancements for the US market.

Thirty-four playable golfers will be included, and some of these will be exclusive to this version of the game. In addition, the game will contain 15 courses, five of which are being carried over from Hot Shots Golf 3. Two of the courses will be minigolf courses.

Online, the game will have your standard head-to-head mode, but you'll also be able to enter into real-time tournaments that will allow more than 20 players to compete on the same course. By the time development is finished, Sony hopes to have that number at or around the 30-player mark.

Hot Shots Golf Fore! will be released this summer. Be sure to check back soon for more updates on this game.

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