Hot Potato! ships for the Game Boy Advance

Bam! Entertainment announces the release of its puzzle game for the GBA.


Bam! Entertainment has announced that it has shipped the puzzle game Hot Potato! for the Game Boy Advance to stores. Featuring 14 levels of gameplay, Hot Potato! asks that players match potatoes of varying colors in order to clear levels. Players play as a bus full of female potatoes that must find and snare male potatoes and return them to a spaceship for a trip home. Snaring potatoes can be done in one of three lanes with varying speeds. Players are awarded bonus points based upon which lane the male potatoes are captured in.

"Hot Potato! is a fast-action, addictive game, reminiscent of the original puzzle-style titles," said Scott Smith, marketing manager, BAM! Entertainment. "The addictive nature of Hot Potato! makes it the perfect handheld game for summer road trips, work breaks, or just kicking back."

Developed by Pukka Games, Hot Potato! will retail for $39.99.

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