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Horror Game Perception Gets New Trailer, Release Date

Perception arrives on May 30 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


A new trailer for Perception, the first-person horror game from a team of former BioShock developers at Deep End Games, has been released, while the release date has finally been confirmed.

Perception will launch at the same time across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 30.

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As for the new trailer, it shows off Perception's creepy location, a mansion in New England, and some of the horrors inside it. You can watch it through the embed above.

In Perception, you play as a blind woman, Cassie Thornton, who must make her way through a mansion in Massachusetts. The home is occupied by a supernatural force known as "the presence." Your only physical tools are a walking stick and a smartphone, and also, critically, your ability to hear. Every tap of the walking stick or sound creates a visualization that illuminates the world around you.

"You don't have shotguns and magic powers and all that," project lead Bill Gardner told GameSpot when Perception was announced back in 2015. Gardner worked at Irrational for more than a decade, most recently serving as design director for BioShock Infinite.

Overall, the game aims to capture a cat-and-mouse/hide-and-seek feeling, not unlike Alien: Isolation.

Perception was funded on Kickstarter and is published by Krakow, Poland-based publisher Feardemic. For lots more, you can check out all of GameSpot's previous written content and videos right here.

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