Horror game Outlast launching September 4

Survival horror title from Red Barrels launching on Steam this fall for $20; no word on PlayStation 4 version launch date.


Survival horror game Outlast will launch September 4 on Steam for $20, developer Red Barrels announced today. No release date was provided for the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

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Outlast is set in the mountains of Colorado and focuses on journalist Miles Upshur. The writer breaks in to the Mount Massive Asylum to get the scoop on why it has been mysteriously reopened by a branch of a transnational corporation.

The game is the debut project from Red Barrels, which was founded last year by industry veterans who have worked on franchises like Army of Two, Assassin's Creed, and Uncharted.

For more on Outlast, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for staranise

get this its much more scary than slenderman and its cheap...although if the devs were going for survival horror then puzzles should`ve made the game a bit longer (could`ve added 2-4more hours IMO)

....the game can be finished in 2-3hrs, 4hours-to-finish tops if you don`t rush things and fight the game to try and explore

Avatar image for Goemons

Play this useing the Rift

Avatar image for vadagar1

@Goemons awwww yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Avatar image for Fanible

That entire video was a scripted sequence. I'd be more interested if it was actual footage from the game play.

Avatar image for Kooken58

@Fanible Pewdiepie has a 15 minute gameplay video, its just a demo though.

Avatar image for biggnol908

Hope this comes out for Xbox One.

Avatar image for nini200

I will be getting this game and I hope that there is no way to fight the monsters, just ways to outsmart them.

Avatar image for SipahSalar

They should definitely change that breathing thing. The player should be allowed to be nervous on their own instead of the game telling him CONTINEOUSLY that the player is nervous by weird breathing.

Avatar image for nini200

@SipahSalar This could be a perfect use for the Vitality Sensor

Avatar image for Blackmon

Is this going to be that type of survival horror where you'll be chased by that "thing" all the time and you always have to keep running away and hiding non stop? I hate those types because it doesn't let me explore on my own pace.

Also, I'm a bit worried about the $20 price tag. I hope it won't be too short.

Avatar image for 4le_breVVer

$20 for a new release? Is it a one hour game?

Avatar image for Goemons

@4le_breVVer Just cant please some people pissing&moaning.

Avatar image for Kooken58

@4le_breVVer Welcome to PC gaming where good Indie Titles are actually a fair Price, instead of a full 60 dollar price tag for rehashed gameplay.

Avatar image for gladin09

@4le_breVVer I'm guessing it will be around 6-10 hours long, fairly normal for a game like this to not charge full price.

Avatar image for 4le_breVVer

@gladin09 @4le_breVVer thanks. What other horror games have been 20 dollars new?

Avatar image for kingnothing47

@4le_breVVer @gladin09 Deadly premonition

Avatar image for sensesfail99

This looks awesome! but i have one problem with the trailer, when he steps in the puddle of blood, he doesnt leave any bloody footprints. im nit picking i know, but still this looks damn good!

Avatar image for Goemons

@sensesfail99 Like i said people still piss&moan.

Avatar image for BrainFart01

@Goemons and so are you when you keep saying that

Avatar image for KinBladez

@BrainFart01 @Goemons yup pissing and moaning about pissing and moaning. Pissception?

Avatar image for xtraflossy

I hate watching a commercial to watch a commercial.

Common -

Avatar image for 4le_breVVer

@xtraflossy adblock for your browser.

Avatar image for sirscarecrow

I am too scared to play this game. So I´ll pass.

Avatar image for Simplythebest12

Not bad

Avatar image for LalchandTudu

Alright..finally a release date. Can't wait to play it

Avatar image for ziqi92

I find the original trailer much scarier than the recent gameplay footage I saw.

Avatar image for ReadBio

I'll wait for a play-through, i'm not going to lie to myself.

Avatar image for Goemons


Avatar image for zorine

So keen.

Avatar image for hole2score

@Zorine you know you and Jess wil have to do this in House of Horrors when it comes out, right? :)

Avatar image for abnergoinbig

I can't wait to play this on the PS4.

Avatar image for DanielDude97

Who else saw PewDiePie play this game? xD

Avatar image for DeViLzzz

@DanielDude97 I don't know who PewDiePie is other than the name and really don't care that he played the game. Did you even spell his nickname right ?

Avatar image for abnergoinbig

@DanielDude97 The same demo that everyone else played months before? I did lol.

Avatar image for TheOnlyConan

Way too linear.

Avatar image for DeViLzzz

@TheOnlyConan Hopefully we will see less and less linear games in the future.

Avatar image for Gargus

Its going to be included for PS+ subscribers on the PS4 so Im just waiting for it on there.


Avatar image for playniko69

The level designers' are so freakin linear. "ooh horror game you say? I guess that means every corner from the ceiling to the floor should be covered in blood and guts and signs of conflict and struggle. Because it's a horror game you know?" Game these days have no fucking subtlety.

Avatar image for abnergoinbig

@playniko69 You sound idiotic. Do some research before posting such an ignorant post. If you saw gameplay of this you'd know why this is considered a horror game.

Avatar image for playniko69

@abnergoinbig @playniko69 Oh I'm sorry am I wrong? You clearly have never played real horror games. It's not all about blood okay? You dunce. Go play the first Resident Evil and Silent Hill, then come back and tell me otherwise. Thing is, you won't be able to. By the way the only research I need is on how blind you are.

Avatar image for kingnothing47

@playniko69 @Gle4se @abnergoinbig Let's hope it goes for the subtle kind of horror, as good as doom 3 was as a shooter it flopped as a horror game. The same goes for every new iteration of FEAR

Avatar image for playniko69

@Gle4se @playniko69 @abnergoinbig Then a shitty trailer I must say.

Avatar image for Gle4se

@playniko69 @abnergoinbig you know the blood isnt really the "thing" of this game. They called neurologist to help in representing fear, claustrophobia etc. troughout the game. They did great, and you only see one part of the asylum.

Avatar image for bluepuppy82

When ever it get's released for the PS4, I'll pick it up.

Avatar image for diskotheque

I'll definitely be picking this up when it comes out. The "monster" shown here is a bit disappointing to me. His look doesn't terrify me at all... not in the way Amnesia's creatures did anyway, but hopefully there will be other "monster" types in the game as well.

Avatar image for JeremyPhi86

Sweet this game looks scary as heck

Avatar image for Elann2008

I'm very excited for this one! Can't wait! Only $20. Love this developer!

Avatar image for WheelerJared

I can't wait for those moments when my balls go inside of my stomach in fear for their lives.

Avatar image for hateyourface

Oh, hellz yes I'll pay 20 bucks to play this game.