Horror Game Mundaun Coming To PS5 And Xbox Series X, More Details Revealed

Some more details about the unique hand-drawn horror game have come to light, including information about the game's unique dialect.


Mundaun, a horror game with hand-drawn visuals and a unique fear system, is coming to next-gen. Developer Hidden Fields has been working on the game since 2015 and has finally revealed its release date. Mundaun will come to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in Q1 2021.

The game, a horror experience set in the Swiss Alps, is inspired by designer Michel Ziegler's own experiences holidaying in the Alps as a child.

At least some of the dialog in the game will be recorded in Romansh. This language is exclusive to a very specific region of the Alps and spoken by only 44,000 people as of 2017. The game is aiming for authenticity--an example was given of an in-game art studio you explore, which was modeled after a real house used by an artist in the region during the 1950s.

Check out the trailer below to see Mundaun's unique hand-drawn art style--it looks great.

Players will have access to a journal, which keeps track of objective and puzzle clues, and the game will blend realism with the supernatural. Solving these puzzles is essential to progress, but players will also need to avoid various hostile forces on the mountain--there are light combat mechanics, but for much of the game you'll need to outsmart enemies to avoid them.

Mundaun is also coming to PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One alongside next-gen versions. Specific differences between these different versions has not been announced yet.

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