Horizons' European operation to be managed by Digital Bros

Digital Bros will manage the online operation of Artifact's massively multiplayer role-playing game in Europe.


Horizons: Empire of Istaria

Artifact Entertainment announced today that it has signed Digital Bros to manage the online services in Europe for Horizons: Empire of Istaria. Digital Bros will begin work by managing the beta testing of Horizons in Europe and continue through the launch of the retail product. The North American online operations will be managed by Artifact, while NCSoft, known for its success with its own online role-playing game, Lineage, will manage Horizons' operation in the Asian market.

"Managing the in-game experiences for Horizons in the European market is a critical task," said David Bowman, creative director and co-president, Artifact Entertainment. "I am confident that Atari's marketing and distribution muscle, combined with Digital Bros' technical prowess, will impress our European audience."

Horizons is slated for release in fall 2003. The game sets itself apart from other online role-playing games by having players focus on crafting and adventuring skills. Dead enemies will not drop ready-to-use weapons or armor, so skilled craftsmen players will play a vital role in the game. Also unique to the game is the availability of playable dragons. For more information on Horizons, check out our previous coverage.

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