Horizon Zero Dawn Hides A Kojima/Death Stranding Easter Egg

There's a connection between the two game developers.


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Sony's new PS4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn, contains a small nod to Kojima Productions, the maker of another upcoming PS4 game, Death Stranding.

During your adventure, you'll come across various items that can be traded with merchants. In our time with the game, we discovered a pair of Very Rare-quality items that might catch the attention of eagle-eyed players.

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Both of these have icons that feature a striking resemblance to the silhouette of the Kojima Productions logo. Beyond that, there's the name of the two items, Stranded Shackles and Stranded Figure, that might hammer home that this is not a mere coincidence.

Their respective descriptions--or at least that of the Stranded Figure--may also further hint at what we've seen in trailers for Death Stranding. "This mysterious item is valuable only to the most curious merchants. A battered idol of an infant, smelling faintly of decay," it reads. A baby has factored prominently into our early looks at Death Stranding.

There may be other Easter eggs hidden in Horizon. If so, with it getting into the hands of the public tomorrow, February 28, it's only a matter of time before they're discovered.

That Guerrilla would wink in Kojima's direction isn't a huge surprise. Late last year, it was announced that Hideo Kojima had elected to partner with Guerrilla and use the Horizon engine to develop Death Stranding.

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This video is perfect, explaining where exactly to find the 3 items and the quest NPC:


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I need a Killzone 4 announcement lol.

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well duh, horizon is obviously set in the future, so why wouldn't you find pieces of older games?

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Gotta say this chat is friendlier then most, I am on the same boat just got nioh yesterday and picking this up tomorrow. I had my wife play The Last Guardian cause I am on back log too.

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@stylux24: refreshing isnt it? lol

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@PayneKiller: very lol

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Any for killzone?

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I love how Guerrilla's staff is fanboying over MGS. I would too.

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@proceeder: kojima is utilising the same graphics engine that horizon is running on which is quite interesting. there is a deeper connection there.

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Wow gamespot what a news ??????

Keep up the good work

Now also publish that aryabhatta invented zero and horizon zero dawn also has one

.... so aryabhatta is also connected to this world

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I would've been surprised if they hadn't done anything like this, but I'm still hoping for something more substantial. Maybe a baby doll floating inside a small cavern's inner lake with some creepy sound effects? That would be nice.

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@edhc44: And the events of Death Stranding is what cause the apocalypse in the first place.

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@igorphoenix: I believe DS itself is in a post apocalyptic setting.

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@igorphoenix: :)

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@igorphoenix: Yeah, thought of it too. That wouldn't be half-bad tbh

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Cant wait for my copy to arrive!

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Damn it!!!

All the more reason for me to get this game now, lol. Better finish Nioh quickly then (yeah, I'm still on it.).

I love it when game developers do this kind of thing (like the Assassins creed costume in MGS4.). Shows they have a good sense of humor and/or acknowledge individuals they admire (although in this case it might be business related.).


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@videogameninja: Hey, no shame in continuing to play Nioh. I haven't started it yet but I'm incredibly excited to do so. Unfortunately it'll likely come after Horizon and Mass Effect. I'm going to have to focus on all of my long games this year it seems. I have XCOM2, FFXV, Gravity Rush 2, Horizon, Mass Effect, Nioh, and The Witcher yet to play...

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@tnielsen2010: shame on you for ignoring the witcher this long

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@thageorgian: The ONLY reason I've ignored it for so long is because of it's length. With the backlog I've got I was trying to knock off a bunch of shorter games first to fully focus on it. Heck, I didn't even actually buy it until a flash sale on PSN about a month ago.

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@tnielsen2010: i see, i got it soon as it was out. It is quite lengthy but I completed it fully over a summer. Envy you because you have it fully patched with both DLC for the first playthrough i assume, but it was more then worth it when it first came out also. My top game

Besides the last of us.

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@thageorgian: Yeah, complete edition for $25 seemed like a great time to grab it. I'll get to it, it looks fantastic...I just couldn't justify playing it ahead of some of my shorter games

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@tnielsen2010: I just started borderland the pre-sequel hahahaha, but i have to put that on hold for Horizon tmr.

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@tnielsen2010: @videogameninja: Reached FFXV's chapter 14 about a month ago and haven't touched it since. So there's no rush to finishing a game, really.

But I do hope to be done with it by the time NieR Automata arrives.

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@edhc44: I always like to fully polish off a game before I move on. I'm a big trophy guy so have a really hard time putting something down before moving on. That being said, with as many games as I have backed up right now, I may just have to play the games and move on for the time being.

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@tnielsen2010: I'd like to have enough patience to do so as well, but the games always end up overstaying their welcome when I try it. Not to mention that I don't have nearly as much time to play videogames as I had back in highschool or even college. But that's how it goes, when you're young, you have time and not enough money; as you grow up, you have the money but not enough time.

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@edhc44: Oh, I feel you there. My biggest mistake was playing Bayonetta 4 times in a row. Fantastic game. Definitely overstayed it's welcome.

With a full-time job, a girlfriend, and a new puppy my gaming time has gone wayyyy down. These days I have to beat the game at the very least before moving on to something else with the intention to go back to get the Platinum.

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@tnielsen2010: I don't like to move on without at least beating the game too, but add to the job and girlfriend a daily 4-hour commute to work and back that when I get home, I drop on bed the like a bag of potatoes, half-sleeping, half-watching youtube/netflix.

With that said, I haven't only not played FFXV for a month, I don't think I turned a console on for that long either.

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@edhc44: Dang, that sounds a bit rough. Not that it's any of my business, but what's the reasoning behind living so far away from work? I know my girlfriend's dad does HVAC type stuff for new construction commercial buildings and has to travel depending on where they are contracted to work. Is it something similar for you too?

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@tnielsen2010: Actually I'm a software engineer who landed a job at an automation engineering company (I "kinda" program robots), but said company is two towns over from where my parents, girlfriend, friends and I live, there's no subway system and I don't own a car because I've never really needed one (up until now, at least), so I have to take four different buses to complete each one-way trip. Needless to say it's a high-paying job, or else I wouldn't partake in such an ordeal.

But not all is lost, I finally caved in and rented a place that is a 7-minute walk from work. I'm moving in two weeks, had to trade living close to those I care for actually living but hey... I bet I'll have at least 6 months of quality gaming time until I start begging my girlfriend to move closer :)

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@edhc44: That actually sounds pretty awesome. I never felt I was smart enough to pursue a career along those lines, but all of my really close friends are engineers, accountants, or economical strategy types. I'm sitting over here as a graphic designer, which is great, but takes a lot less effort than any of those other careers.

Good luck with your quality gaming time in the coming weeks! I miss my college days where I could play for 8-10 hours a day and not feel like I was missing out on life.

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-"For 8-10 hours a day and not feel like I was missing out on life"-

The "good ol' days", lol.