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Horizon Guide - Apex Legends

Be a mobility master.


Apex Legends players who learn to adapt to the battle royale's mobility-focused gameplay are typically rewarded with better outcomes. The key to achieving this is to remember the basics--taking height whenever possible, repositioning efficiently, and blocking enemy advances. If that sounds like a role you'd like to fill in a squad, you'll probably want to check out Horizon.

Horizon is an excellent choice for those who enjoy quickly reaching height and getting the drop on opponents. Her tactical ability can get her and her squad to the tops of cliffsides and structures rapidly, while her passive--which negates the speed penalty after falling--makes her an extremely deadly combatant when she drops down on someone. Read on for some tips for making the most of this spacewalking legend.

Abilities for going up, abilities for coming down

Horizon is a master of taking height on enemy squads, while she can also drop on them just as easily without being slowed down by the fall. Because of this, she's a great choice for anyone who wants to constantly reposition up and down to throw off an opposing team.

Horizon's passive ability is Spacewalk, which increases her air control while also letting her avoid the speed penalty that comes from falling from heights. This allows you to get up on people quickly when they're below you.

Her tactical ability Gravity Lift is one of the game's most powerful mobility tools, allowing you to create a 10-second lift that can help you and your teammates reach higher locations very fast. This can be exceptionally helpful in areas with a lot of vertical structures and can turn the tide of a battle within moments.

Her ultimate ability Black Hole throws a device that creates a, well, black hole for 12 seconds that pulls nearby enemies in and highlights them. If deployed perfectly, it can be combined with grenades and heavy fire to lump your foes together and make quick work of them.

You make a great mid-range specialist

Because you'll be focused on keeping height on your enemies, you'll often find that your engagements will take place at mid-range. This makes you a perfect fit for guns like the R-301 or Flatline, as well as marksman and sniper rifles, such as the 30-30 Repeater, G7 Scout, or Triple Take. However, if you're more of an aggressive player or just like to be prepared for anything, you can also carry something like a Wingman or CAR, as both of those are excellent for both mid and close-range encounters.


Gravity Lift can be utilized as a diversion or obstacle

While using Gravity Lift to reach high spots might be its intended use, you may be surprised at how much utility it can actually bring to the table in other situations. For instance, when approaching an enemy squad in crowded areas, you can toss it in the opposite direction from where you're heading to create a visual diversion. It won't work every time, but when it does, it can be quite enjoyable to mow down your opponents from behind while they're aiming at your unused lift.

Additionally, you can use it in doorways to create an obstacle that will serve as a way to block your enemies or disorient them and throw off their aim if they choose to pass through. While they're bouncing around, you'll have an opportunity to set your sights on them and unload some bullets. This can result in some hilarious situations that showcase how diverse Horizon's kit can be.

You don't get slowed by falls--use that to your advantage

When other characters land on the ground, they're briefly slowed and can't immediately begin shooting. This makes them easy targets that will often be eliminated. Horizon's passive ability allows her to negate this annoying effect when landing, meaning that you can fall from any height and immediately begin shooting your foes. Considering that you'll be hanging out up high as often as possible, this passive can be great for when you need to drop and chase down a low-health enemy and then quickly use a Gravity Lift to take height again.

Enemies can use your lift

Using Gravity Lift to take higher ground is a vital part of Horizon's kit, but because the ability lasts for a bit, always make sure that you're monitoring enemy movements, too. Any foes left below can quickly hop into the lift and come pay you a surprise visit if you're not paying attention. To alleviate some of this concern, do your best to use the lift to take the high ground before you actually reach your opponents' current location. This way you don't have to worry that they'll be below you and potentially get a free ride up to you.

Your ult is a bit clunky, so be careful

Horizon's Black Hole ability can be used in a variety of clever ways, but it's also a bit clunky to throw. It comes out a bit slowly, which makes it a bit difficult to land just right sometimes--but more importantly, it can bounce off of even the tiniest obstacle and completely ruin your throw. Because of this, it's usually best saved for areas with plenty of clearance. Don't throw it near trees or other environmental clutter unless you want to waste it and find yourself sitting in the center of it instead of your opponents.

Carry grenades to toss into a Black Hole

You can use your ultimate ability to flush out enemies or block paths, but due to its slow deployment, most decent players will manage to escape the actual pull of the Black Hole. That being said, a really well-placed Black Hole will suck your foes into the center, making them a prime target for an onslaught of grenades. While they're being pulled in, chuck in a handful of arc stars or thermite grenades to deal big damage before unloading a clip in them. It might be a rare occurrence to trap them so well, but when it happens, it'll feel like quite an accomplishment.

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