Horizon: Forbidden West Studio Guerrilla Games Is Hiring For A Multiplayer Game

Job openings give hints about the studio's future projects.


Horizon: Forbidden West developer Guerrilla Games' new job listings appear to suggest that a multiplayer game could be on the way. The company is looking to hire a Senior Social Systems Designer who will work in "a core team of multiple designers focused on social systems and player engagements," and "ideate, create and share innovative features to build, engage, and nurture player interactions and relationships."

The listing goes on to say that the designer will create an environment where "compatible players can create Guild-like groups to explore together." Another job ad--Senior Narrative System Designer--points to a multiplayer game being in the works as well: It asks for the applicant to have experience in "narrative design in open-world RPG games, both single-player and online."

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According to a Noclip interview with Horizon Zero Dawn game director Mathijs De Jonge, co-op elements were originally planned for the first Horizon game before getting scrapped, so it's possible the studio might reintroduce a multiplayer element for some future Horizon game. In any case, the hirings likely isn't related to the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West since no news about a co-op element has been mentioned yet in all the released PR content and teasers.

In other Horizon news, Guerrilla Games also showed off Horizon Forbidden West's new and improved graphics on the PS5. Aloy will look even more realistic on Sony's newest console and have a more expressive character model.

Horizon Forbidden West will release in 2022 on PS5 and PS5. Preorders are live (and a bit confusing, so good luck), but you can read our analysis of why getting the PS5 standard edition of the game is a bad deal.

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