Horizon Forbidden West Legendary Weapons Guide: The Best Weapons On Aloy's Adventure

Aloy can obtain some very powerful bows and other legendary weapons. Here's where to find them in Horizon Forbidden West.


In Horizon Forbidden West, you'll encounter lots of different weapons, with some being much more powerful than others. The best of these will be legendary weapons, denoted by their orange backgrounds in your weapon inventory, as well as their impressive stats. In addition to bows, you'll also get tripcasters and a variety of other weapons, and the legendary variety are not easy to obtain--you'll often need to complete a very challenging quest, but it's worth it for the high-end gear Aloy receives. Here's a growing list of all the legendary weapons in Horizon Forbidden West that we've found so far.

Horizon Forbidden West legendary weapons

It's likely this list will continue to grow as we discover and earn more legendary weapons in Guerrilla's huge sequel, but so far we've identified seven that can be earned through open-world exploration and by completing some of the game's many activities.

Legendary weapons will give you your best chance of survival.
Legendary weapons will give you your best chance of survival.

  • Forgefall (sharpshot bow)
  • The Blast Forge (boltblaster)
  • Death-Seeker's Shadow (hunter bow)
  • Wings of the Ten (blastsling)
  • Ancestor's Return (shredder gauntlet)
  • The Skykiller (spike thrower)
  • The Sun Scourge (hunter bow)
  • Carja's Bane (warrior bow)

Forgefall, Blast Forge, and Death-Seeker's Shadow are purchased with medals at The Maw of the Arena, southwest of Scalding Spear (in the middle of the map). You can earn medals by performing well in hunting grounds or combat arenas, then buying weapons such as these from the arena merchant.

The Wings of the Ten, meanwhile, is rewarded for locating all black box voice recorders across the world. There are 12 in total and you'll need to have first initiated this chain of collectibles by speaking to a woman quest-giver in Memorial Grove. The Sun Scourge can be yours after you take out all rebel camps and outposts. You'll unlock a side quest that acts as the finale to that mission, and then The Sun Scourge will be unlocked.

The Skykiller spike thrower is earned by completing the mission called The Way Home which you can pick up by speaking to the women on the boat at Legacy's Landfall, though you'll first need to complete the Gemini cauldron to unlock a particular mount you'll need for the mission.

To get the Carja's Bane warrior bow, you'll need to seek out the Gauntlet races, the first of which you'll run across in the deserts outside of Scalding Spear.

Lastly, the Ancestor's Return is earned for finding all nine ornaments in the open world, which are the rewards for doing all Relic Ruins. However, note that you also must complete the mission Nights of Lights in The Stillsands in order to fully complete this chain.

Should we come upon more legendary weapons in Aloy's big wide world, we'll share them here, as well as the means with which you can get them for yourself. Until then, learn more about Horizon Forbidden West with our tips for beginners, a look at the best early skills and Valor Surges, and a look at all of the game's mounts.

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