Horizon: Forbidden West Dev Says Cross-Gen Was Not "Limiting In Any Way"

"We didn't really think about hardware limitations or anything," game director Mathijs de Jonge says.


Horizon: Forbidden West is coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, leading some to believe that the cross-generation development limited the game in some capacity. Game director Mathijs de Jonge has now spoken about this, saying Forbidden West will shine on both PS4 and PS5, though the next-gen edition has a number of benefits.

"I don't think the cross-generation development was limiting in any way," he told Hardware Zone. "When we started with the concept of this game, we had so many great ideas that ended up being included, to the point that we didn't really think about hardware limitations or anything, we just wanted to design a really nice, unique experience for the player. An awesome adventure."

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The "big delta" between the PS4 and PS5 versions of Forbidden West is mainly "on the graphical side of things," de Jonge said. "On the PlayStation 5, we can add so much more detail graphically. We can see the tiny hairs on Aloy's face, for example. You can also see a ton of detail from far away," he said.

The PS5 edition also uses 3D audio, leverages the DualSense controller, and has faster loading times, de Jonge said. Speaking more to the graphics, de Jonge said the power of the PS5 allows the game to render individual strands of moss on rocks. "So this machine is so powerful, and it can add so much more detail to the image," he said. "I think that's one of the biggest deltas, next to the processing power of the machine. Because the PlayStation 5 is so much more powerful, we have it on all the time. During gameplay, there's a very high-quality rendering and lighting system on a lot. So there are all these extra features that make the game look even better."

This is not the first time that de Jonge has spoken about the PS4 edition of Forbidden West. He previously promised that the game will look "fantastic" on PS4, despite the system having relatively less power than the PS5.

Developer Guerrilla Games recently showed off more than 10 minutes of new gameplay footage from Forbidden West, and you can see a number of these new visual ideas and gameplay mechanics in action in that PS5 slice of footage.

Forbidden West is expected to release later this year, but Sony cannot guarantee that.

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