Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC Preorders Are Live Now

Aloy's next adventure is coming soon.


The first downloadable expansion for Horizon Forbidden West, Burning Shores, is coming to PlayStation 5 on April 19. The new chapter was originally announced during 2022's The Game Awards in December, with the release date revealed at the same time. If you're looking for more of Aloy and her adventures, preorders are now available in the PlayStation Store.

Burning Shores picks up the story right from the end of Forbidden West, which--as the official PlayStation Blog post confirms--means that players will have to complete the game's main storyline in order to access the expansion's content. Once the final mission, Singularity, is completed, Aloy will "receive a call over her Focus, beginning the DLC."

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC Preorder Bonus

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores preorder bonuses
Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores preorder bonuses

Players who preorder the Burning Shores DLC will receive two free items to use during their playthrough: the Blacktide Dye outfit and the Blacktide Sharpshot bow. The outfit will be available at the first dye merchant in the game, which means it can be worn throughout the entire original adventure as well. The bow, meanwhile, can only be found at the first merchant within the new area of the map added via the DLC.

Horizon Forbidden West is the second major installment in Guerrilla Games' Horizon franchise, and it followed 2017's Horizon Zero Dawn. The game takes place in the Forbidden West, an expansive and hostile world stretching from the central United States all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The new expansion, Burning Shores, will take Aloy to southern California, as the Hollywood sign can be seen in the DLC's reveal trailer.

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