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Hori Split Pad Pro For Nintendo Switch Gets A Rare Discount

For those looking for a more traditional control method for handheld mode on Nintendo Switch, the Hori Split Pad Pro is one of the best options.


While the Nintendo Switch is wonderful in handheld mode out of the box, the Joy-Cons aren't the most comfortable controllers for those with larger hands. They also feel a tad insubstantial and lack a proper D-pad. One of the best alternatives is the Hori Split Pad Pro, which connects to the console just like the Joy-Cons and provides a more traditional controller feel. Normally $50, the Hori Split Pad Pro is on sale for $40 at Amazon.

Though the positives outweigh the negatives here, we should note that the Split Pad Pro lacks some of the bells and whistles found in first-party Switch controllers. It lacks motion controls, rumble, and NFC support for Amiibo. Additionally, the Split Pad Pro only works in handheld mode, as it uses the console's battery for power. With that being said, you should know that your Switch's battery will drain faster while using the Split Pad Pro.

If you don't like the look of the translucent black controller, the volcanic red model is available for $44.93, and the midnight blue edition is $44.95. Hori has also released multiple game-themed models, including ones based on Pokemon and Pac-Man.

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The dpad is fantastic for retro games, the sticks are quality and the size is perfect for larger hands. They are so much more comfortable to hold for long sessions.

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