Hook's Rufio Remembers The Messy Imaginary Dinner Scene

"It was edible. It wound up in a lot of our mouths."


It may be more than 25 years since its first theatrical release, but Hook still resonates with audiences of multiple generations. The film recently got a 4K release with 11 brand-new deleted scenes, never seen by the public before. The new version of the film has been fully restored from the original film negative for this ultra high definition release. That means you can enjoy the messy imaginary dinner scene with the Lost Boys in the highest quality currently available.

The Lost Boys dinner is probably one of the more memorable moments in the film, when Peter Banning (Robin Williams) finally begins to embrace who he once was: Peter Pan. This is where Rufio (Dante Basco) and Pan had an insult square-off, which quickly turned into an incredibly messy food fight.

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Basco remembers the scene well, just not exactly what the mess was. "I remember at first it was brownish gray, and Steven [Spielberg] didn't like that, so they just started making it colorful, all these different colors on the side," Basco told GameSpot. "I mean, nowadays, you can go and get frosting at the local supermarket, turquoise and hot pink and stuff like that. In the '90s, you couldn't do that. They started creating this goop. It was edible. It wound up in a lot of our mouths. I know that.

"It was just like frosting and crazy gobbledygook, but there was also... like gray stuff, underneath it, and then there was just actual weird food on the table, too. We were just a bunch of rowdy kids anyway, and to give us a chance to have a food fight, I think it was just fun. It's just every kid's fantasy."

While shooting a food fight may be a ton of fun for the cast, in the moment, it's not something you can fit multiple times into the day, as the mess gets everywhere. "We actually shot it twice completely, because once you have the food fight, the day is over," Basco continued. "You know what I'm saying? Costumes are... it's over. It's done. So, we actually did some coverage of it.

"We did the whole fight scene, and then everybody [was] just raring to go. Shot some small things, let kids go at it, and then they wanted to shoot it again, so we had to shoot it again. I believe, a week or so later, they set the whole thing up to have that food fight twice. Amazing."

Basco also recently recounted the first time he saw the Rufio costume, which he didn't think was very cool, until Spielberg first saw it on him. Hook is now available on 4K at retailers everywhere.

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