Hood: Outlaws And Legends Reveals New Character Trailer

The dark Robin Hood-inspired game is slowly introducing us to its character classes.


Hood: Outlaws and Legends continues to give us new peeks into its dark re-imagining of the classic Robin Hood story, with its newest character trailer revealing The Brawler. Where previous trailers have shown characters more suited to ranged or stealthy play, The Brawler is for players who want to get up in their enemies' faces.

As shown in the trailer, the Brawler is a tanky melee-favoring character designed to draw attention and deal a lot of damage. His special attack has him go into a berserker-style mode that increases durability and grants him infinite stamina. He also has the ability to lift locked portcullises, creating a path for teammates to escape.

Other characters revealed so far include the stealthy Hunter and the bow-wielding Ranger. Hood is a 4v4 heist game that sees two teams face off to try and steal riches from an oppressive government. The game will see players taking on different character archetypes as they face off against both AI-controlled guards and other players competing for the same treasure.

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Hood is coming out on Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 10, though players who pre-order will be able to play the game in early access from May 7.

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