Hong 'YellOw' Jin Ho wins Monsterzym Star Final Four showmatch

Four of the most famous Korean progamers from Brood War's earliest days competed earlier today in a nostalgic showmatch tournament in the Nexon Esports Arena.


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The idea of the tournament was hatched by Ho after he realized that the progamers from his generation are still a popular force within South Korean youth culture and esports, and figured that they could together encourage and spark the interest of the old Brood War fans once again if they engaged in glorious combat upon the virtual battlefield.

The line-up of the tournament included Ho, as well as Kang 'Nal_rA' Min, Park 'Reach' Jung Suk and Lee 'Goodfriend' Byung Min, and all four showed a lot of charisma and enthusiasm towards the project in a series of Youtube videos detailing the planning around the event.

The Nexon Esports Arena played host to this celebration of Brood War, and was filled to the brim with fans eagerly awaiting to see the champions of old play once more. Photos from the venue also reveal that the most accomplished zerg player of all time in Lee 'Jaedong' Jae Dong was present at the event.

Min especially, who in his own words shouldn't have been considered for the event given his relatively small following in comparison to his contemporaries, became the story of the tournament as he and YellOw were tied in mapscore as their deciding game of the evening commenced. But, keeping with tradition, it would be Ho who left this special event as the victor after defeating Goodfriend in the final game of the tournament. Winning it all with a mapscore of 3-1.

Image Source: Monsterzym stream, fomos.kr

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