Homefront: The Revolution's Game-Breaking Bug and More to Be Fixed/Improved Soon

"This doesn’t sit right with us."


In a forum post today, Homefront: The Revolution developer Dambuster Studios outlined the work currently underway to improve the overall experience. Starting off, the developer confirmed that a "minor" patch released earlier this week had an unintended side effect: it blocked some PlayStation 4 users from progressing further in the game.

"The studio greatly understands that there are players wishing to progress and are unable to at this current time," Dambuster said. "This doesn't sit right with us and the whole team is working as fast as possible to fix both top reported issues and performance."

According to the studio, this week's patch exposed an underlying issue in The Revolution that already existed. A "relatively small number" of PS4 players are experiencing the major issue. To remedy the situation, Dambuster is asking people affected by the bug to send their save games to the studio "so that we can analyze to see exactly what went wrong."

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Players have already done this, and it sounds the issue should be fixed soon.

"We have received a number of files and the team are very close to fixing the issue and preventing it from occurring on other platforms," Dambuster said. "We would like to thank everyone who submitted save files and gave valuable information to us, we are working hard to ensure that the fix will be in the next patch update."

Also in the blog post, Dambuster said one of the more significant complaints from The Revolution players has been around the game's checkpoint saves. These pop up in various places in the game world and can slow down the overall experience. Thankfully, then, a new patch will reduce the frequency of the checkpoints, while some "effectively duplicate checkpoints" that could happen in quick succession will also be removed.

Dambuster also addressed some issues with The Revolution's DLC. The developer said some players on Xbox One were unable to acquire content from The Revolutionary Spirit Pack and the Liberty Pack--but this issue has now been resolved. If you still run into issues, Dambuster said you should delete the content and reinstall.

Additionally, The Revolution's The Right Kind of School and Supply Line DLC packs did not unlock as they should have as the result of a "separate issue."

"We've been working on a fix for this as well, and the associated content should now also be working correctly," Dambuster said.

Dambuster is also addressing instances of crashing in The Revolution. On PS4, the developer said it was able to fix eight of the top 10 crashing situations, which make up more than 60 percent of all crashed on PS4. Fixes will be deployed in The Revolution's next update, and Xbox One and PC players should benefit as well.

The update is planned to launch in the next week, but Dambuster said it won't release it until it's properly tested. "We need to ensure that adequate testing is performed on it to mitigate any issues that may arise from the order in which a player has taken prior patch updates," the developer explained.

Lastly, Dambuster said it is working on performance improvements for The Revolution in the area of frame rate across all platforms. This was described as a "high priority" item.

Following the release of The Revolution last week, players reported issues with the shooter's frame rate. Later that week, the developer admitted, "performance--particularly frame rate--is not currently where we want it to be." The developer did not provide a timetable for when the frame rate improvements might be introduced.

GameSpot's review of The Revolution scored it a 5/10.

"Its substantial story campaign is impressively rich and its shooting can be tense and fun, but half-baked stealth, an unfulfilling story, and a vast menagerie of technical inadequacies drag the overall experience into disappointing mediocrity," critic Scott Butterworth said.

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