Homefront: The Revolution's First Single-Player Expansion Out Now, Is a Prologue

The Voice of Freedom is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Homefront: The Revolution's first single-player expansion has arrived.

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The new expansion is called The Voice of Freedom. As detailed on the game's website, it sees players taking on the role the rebellion's Benjamin Walker. He's the KPA's "most wanted man." You will make your way through occupied Philadelphia as you try to meet up with more members of the resistance.

The Voice of Freedom is described as "tense" and "story-driven." It is a prologue to the events of the main game and sees players battling a faction called the "90" in Philadelphia's subway system.

The expansion is included with the game's $25 expansion pass or can be purchased on its own for $6.

Following The Voice of Freedom later this year will be another single-player expansion, Aftermath, while a "much larger expansion" called Beyond the Walls will come out in 2017.

In other news about The Revolution, developer Dambuster Studios released a major performance patch in late August that included "hundreds of improvements and fixes." Among other things, the patch improved the game's frame rate and reduced the number of instances when the game would stall while saving. You can see the complete patch notes here.

GameSpot's review of Homefront: The Revolution scored it a 5/10.

"Its substantial story campaign is impressively rich and its shooting can be tense and fun, but half-baked stealth, an unfulfilling story, and a vast menagerie of technical inadequacies drag the overall experience into disappointing mediocrity," critic Scott Butterworth said.

The Revolution's four-year development was less than smooth. Crytek bought rights to the franchise in early 2013, after the collapse of THQ. A year later, following reports of financial issues at Crytek, it sold the IP to Deep Silver, which set up a new studio--Dambuster--for the Homefront team to continue its work.

Dambuster addressed the rocky development path by including a note at the end of the game that acknowledged the situation.

The Revolution is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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